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This is a great video that I love so much, Did a live show last night (Paranormal Soup here on YouTube) and took live calls while running my portal connect. As I always say most will be heard when I review the footage, and this was an amazing segment.

Mary called in while holding the urn her dogs ashes were in, and she wanted to know about her dog Riley who had passed away. We got some cool validations through the box that confirmed Riley is indeed in Heaven.

This was done and shown LIVE as it happened on YouTube over at Paranormal Soup. One of many live sessions I have done over the years.

Love you all and have an amazing New Year!!


Intense real time spirit communication, Birdcage Theater. Tombstone, AZ

Intense real time spirit communication, Birdcage Theater. Tombstone, AZ
Brandon and I headed back to Tombstone, AZ where we visited a few weeks ago during the day. We had so many impressive EVP’s there we decided to come back for a night investigation with the entire place to ourselves.

But we brought a local husband and wife team with us who really wanted to go, in fact, it was their idea to get us in for the night investigation.

With the entire building to ourselves we investigated for four hours. Brandon and I shot about 2 hours worth of video and the results are crystal clear. The Birdcage is LOADED with spirits who communicated to us via EVP (probably 30-40 EVP’s here) – via Ghost Box (The Andy’s Box was awesome) and the amazing updated ECHOVOX app which BLEW MY MIND.

When you see the 2nd session with the Echovox your mind will be blown as well. This is a device that allows spirits to here us more easily and due to this we have a full real time communication with them where they responded to our questions and even made comments about what we were doing.

I have never witnessed anything such as this.

We also tested the Ovilus III and it is garbage. Plain and simple. We tested two of them.

With E.V.P, Spirit Box, Echovox and the me being able to feel the presence wherever the spirits were at I can tell you with 100% certainty that the Birdcage Theater is 100% filled with Spirits. This video is proof of that, period.

I even caught a legitimate orb on video, watching it on my LCD before acknowledging the presence of it. When I did, it vanished instantly but the cool part is that there is an EVP asking that spirit where it is going as it floats intelligently around our table.

Enjoy the video and one day in the next 6 months I hope to get back here to do more experiments with the Echovox as well as touch and something NO ONE has ever attempted.

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You can also read my story here which started when I was a small child:

The Paranormal: How to talk to the dead. My experience and evidence with EVP, Spirit Boxes, Ghost Boxes and Spirit communication

and you can watch our 1st casual visit to the Birdcage at the link below:

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Spirit communication

“Ghost Box EMF Radar GeoMeter”



Another new “must have” app from the developers of “Talking Spirit Box Radio EVP”

Completely running “offline”, no WLAN or internet connection required, so you may use this app also in basements, churches, caves and many other places.

The app offers different sensitivity levels (1= low, 2=medium, 3=high), which can be changed instantly. All buttons are explained once they are touched (speech support for maybe disabled persons, as required by our blind audience).

The smartphone must be placed on a flat surface.
Start the app, choose sensitivity level and enable (or disable) GPS and GeoMeter.

If there are really paranormal phenomena, based on different sensor technique, you will get a (spoken) alert.
It can be, that the device seems to be touched (by someone) or moved or the gravity of the device was changed.
That will be a proof of the presence of paranormal appearances. Once YOU will touch or move the device, for sure it will alert again. There is NO fake random alert integrated into our app.

Before starting the ghost session, you should welcome them in friendly way and manner and invite them to support you. Tell them that they can manipulate the device’s screen and sensors in any way they want to proof their presence.

This is a good addition to the “Talking Spirit Box Radio EVP”, which uses similar techniques, but has the ability to build words and phrases out of white noise and radio sweeping techniques. You can run both apps contemporaneous, proof that there is “something out there”.

This is NO FUN app, NO FAKE app and has been tested since several weeks now. We received pre-reviews e.g. from a user from Romania, who made some sessions at castle Bran, close to Brasov (Kronstadt).

“I used your Ghost EMF Radar together with the Talking Spirit Radio on November 15th, 2014, when I visited Bran Castle here in Romania. As recommended, I placed the smartphone Samsung Galaxy GT-I9300 on a desk inside the castle, started the Spirit Radio together with the EMF Radar. It took a while when there was a peak on gravity alerted by the smartphone. Some seconds later your Spirit Radio said: “Missy with Carol” which was awesome. Marie was princess of that county and living in Bran castle together with his son Carol / Karl, she was called “Missy”.
Another phrase after a coiple of minutes spoken was: “Lost heart here”. That’s a final proof, as the REAL heart of Missy / Marie was buried in castle Bran. Meanwhile some alerts were reported from “EMF Radar” again, sometimes “X” and “Z” parameters were changed. “Love George Michael” was the last message coming in. I don’t know what these names meant, but i did some investigations and found out, that Georg(e) and Michael are grandsons of Missy/Marie. I did that investigation with your app for around 1 hour in total. I was not allowed to continue my session in Bran castle as it seems I unsettled some visitors of Bran castle. I will continue to do some sessions again soon and will let you know ….”

Thanks to Marius R. for that short review, we made similar experiences, but his one was outstanding.

We really hope you enjoy this app as supporting tool for your personal investigations!

Psychic Mediums

Psychic Mediums & Spirit Guides

The startling reality is everyone has spirit guides around them, most people travel through life never realizing this. They may well have been with you in previous lives too and most certainly have been around you since birth.

Spirit Guides have lived once on the earth but have learned everything their experience on the earth could teach them, so they then take spirit for the helping of those on the mortal plain.

The purpose of your Spirit Guides is to help you progress along your own unique, spiritual path. Your Guides will not impose their wills on you. So once you have learned their names and abilities, it is up to you to start developing a relationship with them. With the help of an experienced Psychic Medium, you can learn the names of your Guides, along with the unique abilities each one of them possess.

The best way to start your introduction is via a psychic medium phone reading with an experienced reader.

There are also spiritual reasons why you have the Spirit Guides around you that you do. When your Spirit Guides where living on the Earth, they also had lives as unique and individual as those us living on the Earth now. So you and your Spirit Friends are vibrationally drawn together according to the commonality of your life experiences. Theirs when they were living on the Earth and yours that you are experiencing now. This gives you Guides the knowledge and experience to help you, since your Guides have already been through these experiences when they lived on the Earth.


A group of guides are called a “Spirit Band”. Everyone has a “Spirit Band that surrounds them. Unfortunately, many people are not even aware that they have these spiritual helpers available. 

With the help of an experienced psychic medium it is possible to start learning about your Spirit Band. It is important to understand that a “Psychic” does not have the ability to communicate with the spirit world, so a Psychic cannot tell you or give you the names of your Spirit Guides. Seek out a Psychic Medium for this because a true Psychic Medium is naturally attuned with the Spirit World.

Be careful of Psychics who have suddenly claimed to be a Psychic Medium right after Psychic Mediums started becoming more sought after. Remember, being famous and suddenly “claiming” to be a Psychic Medium does not make one so.

 Your First Reading

It is not uncommon in your first reading to have only one Spirit Guide present him/herself to you. If after your reading you will begin talking to the Guide that was presented to you during your reading, your vibrational energy will rise, therefore making it possible for more of your Spirit Guides to come through to you in future readings.

Many of my clients have told me how much their lives have changed after they started communicating with their Spirit Guides on a consistent basis.

 Psychic phone and medium readings are not just about sorting out your love life! They can be used in a dramatic and productive way to enhance your own spiritual path.

When selecting a reader always choose a psychic medium as this type of reader can access higher planes and get in touch with your guides, you will most probably be told what sort of guides you have around you – it’s very enlightening and interesting and gives you a different perspective on life.


Rachel Saxon works in the psychic and metaphysical industry and offers services Worldwide to advance spiritualism and world awareness, recommended website for tarot phone readings click here psychics – psychic readers click here clairvoyancy phone readings

Possession: A Real Danger in the Paranormal

Leicester, NY (PRWEB) August 28, 2005

As God gave mankind free will, He placed them above the Angels and the demonic.

For as long as mankind has faith in Him, God would protect them from all others not of man. It is this freedom and favor that He gave which breeds the hatred the fallen angels have against mankind. Through time itself, Lucifer has developed a diabolic strategy to dishonor mankind and allow his legions to breathe the breath of life. It begins with slow infestation and building of power, oppressing the victim, and finally possessing the victim.

Possession gained public awareness in the 1973 release of the film The Exorcist. Though based upon a true story, this film fell to the glamorization of Hollywood. The possession portrayed in the film was that of a “perfect possession” which is very rare. In most instances, the victim and the entity often struggle for control portraying what may look like schizophrenic symptoms. Once the oppression phase has come near its end, the victim will often give up the fight against the powers that are there, feeling hopelessness or through a false promise of relief from the entities. Once the victim opens those doors, the diabolic entity enters their body and begins the possession process – something that can only be done through invitation, either purposely or by accident.

There was a woman who lost her only son when he was just 20 years of age to a drunk driver. This woman, that we’ll call Joan, was so devastated over the loss of her son that she longed to remain in contact with him. One day, her sister gave her a book that discussed the concept of using electronic voice phenomenon to speak with the dead. Joan devoted herself to this book and would frequent the cemetery where her son was laid to rest, attempting to establish a link to her son using nothing more than a tape recorder.

She did achieve some limited success in contacting what appeared to be her son – but also her pain and sorrow drew the attention of something much more dark and sinister from the graveyard. Soon, using electronic communications was not enough for Joan, so she turned to the use of a Ouija board. Joan established contact with something that claimed to be her son. It shared knowledge with her that only her son should know, and even began to predict events accurately.

The board soon became an infatuation with Joan. She used it more and more, and eventually began to use the board alone. This initial interest of communicating with her son lead to five years of torment and terror, as demonic entities entered into her life. Friends began to notice changes in Joan. She began to spend more time alone. Her emotions became more negative towards others and herself. Her sleep became difficult. It became riddled with intense nightmares of her son’s death, tainted by unknown entities. Joan began to hear voices and see figures moving about her home. She began to experience bruises and scratches she couldn’t explain, and a feeling of something inside her head that she couldn’t control. Joan was experiencing a partial possession.

Not all circumstances follow the course of first infestation and then oppression before a possession is attempted by an entity. In some cases, the demonic have infested a property such a long time that all they need is an “open door” to a potential victim for a possession attempt to take place. An “open door” is a weakness in a person that an entity can slip through into a person, or in some instances all it takes is a very powerful sensitive who is “open” to all that is in a location.

An investigation was held at a location known to be infested with the demonic, and a small team went in with the goal of cleansing the location. Within a matter of thirty minutes, the sensitive of the group began to feel her face distort by itself. She noticed that she began to hear herself mutter obscenities, curses and threats to other team members. It became apparent to this experienced sensitive what was going on so she removed herself from that situation before it went too far. But within minutes of that experience, another team member’s demeanor changed completely. Normally a very outspoken, confident individual, he began to mumble his words and not show clear thought. This gentleman was removed from the environment before the situation went too far. In essence, this team was infiltrated in a matter of minutes, not months or years, because the environmental circumstances were just right.

Possession contains many of the clinical signs of Schizophrenia. In Schizophrenia, a patient experiences hallucinations that are false perceptions. They are inaccuracies that affect the senses and cause people to hear, see, taste, touch or smell what others do not. In the acute phases of schizophrenia, patients are most likely to insist they are hearing voices that no one else can hear. Sometimes they hear noises, clicks or non-word sounds. On occasion, though more rarely, they are disturbed by seeing, smelling or feeling things that others do not.

Descriptions of these perceptions differ. Sometimes they are experienced as very forceful and important thoughts. Frequently, however, they seem to come from outside the self and are heard as conversations between other people, or commands, or compliments (or insults) addressed to the person. Sometimes the voices are reassuring, at other times they are menacing. Often enough, the remarks heard are not addressed to the person but seem to be concerned with them in an unclear (but perhaps derogatory) way. Individuals who experience this describe it “like a tape playing in my head.” It is so real to the person that it cannot be dismissed as imagination. And so the fine line is drawn between mental illness and possession.

The similarities between possession and Schizophrenia are by design not by coincidence. Satan’s greatest strength is the deception of his non-existence that he places within mankind. It is only through a keen balance of faith and knowledge of mental illness that the difference between Schizophrenia and a possession can be determined. If it is a true possession, then only faith will see you through.

For more information contact Dwayne Claud at 585-382-3644 or http://www.wnyparanormal.com