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“Ghost Box EMF Radar GeoMeter”



Another new “must have” app from the developers of “Talking Spirit Box Radio EVP”

Completely running “offline”, no WLAN or internet connection required, so you may use this app also in basements, churches, caves and many other places.

The app offers different sensitivity levels (1= low, 2=medium, 3=high), which can be changed instantly. All buttons are explained once they are touched (speech support for maybe disabled persons, as required by our blind audience).

The smartphone must be placed on a flat surface.
Start the app, choose sensitivity level and enable (or disable) GPS and GeoMeter.

If there are really paranormal phenomena, based on different sensor technique, you will get a (spoken) alert.
It can be, that the device seems to be touched (by someone) or moved or the gravity of the device was changed.
That will be a proof of the presence of paranormal appearances. Once YOU will touch or move the device, for sure it will alert again. There is NO fake random alert integrated into our app.

Before starting the ghost session, you should welcome them in friendly way and manner and invite them to support you. Tell them that they can manipulate the device’s screen and sensors in any way they want to proof their presence.

This is a good addition to the “Talking Spirit Box Radio EVP”, which uses similar techniques, but has the ability to build words and phrases out of white noise and radio sweeping techniques. You can run both apps contemporaneous, proof that there is “something out there”.

This is NO FUN app, NO FAKE app and has been tested since several weeks now. We received pre-reviews e.g. from a user from Romania, who made some sessions at castle Bran, close to Brasov (Kronstadt).

“I used your Ghost EMF Radar together with the Talking Spirit Radio on November 15th, 2014, when I visited Bran Castle here in Romania. As recommended, I placed the smartphone Samsung Galaxy GT-I9300 on a desk inside the castle, started the Spirit Radio together with the EMF Radar. It took a while when there was a peak on gravity alerted by the smartphone. Some seconds later your Spirit Radio said: “Missy with Carol” which was awesome. Marie was princess of that county and living in Bran castle together with his son Carol / Karl, she was called “Missy”.
Another phrase after a coiple of minutes spoken was: “Lost heart here”. That’s a final proof, as the REAL heart of Missy / Marie was buried in castle Bran. Meanwhile some alerts were reported from “EMF Radar” again, sometimes “X” and “Z” parameters were changed. “Love George Michael” was the last message coming in. I don’t know what these names meant, but i did some investigations and found out, that Georg(e) and Michael are grandsons of Missy/Marie. I did that investigation with your app for around 1 hour in total. I was not allowed to continue my session in Bran castle as it seems I unsettled some visitors of Bran castle. I will continue to do some sessions again soon and will let you know ….”

Thanks to Marius R. for that short review, we made similar experiences, but his one was outstanding.

We really hope you enjoy this app as supporting tool for your personal investigations!