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I Connect with a Ghost in my Room. Hear The Validation from HIM. 3:33

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THIS IS AN AMAZING CONNECTION! Using a SoulSpeaker, build #3.

ghost hunter in peru

ghost hunter in peru
La investigación del Parapsicólogo Félix Rivera Torres en la fortaleza del Real Felipe del Callao, colgada en YouTube hizo que el equipo de Ghost Hunter International llegara al Perú donde se confirmaron nuestros hallazgos.
Aquí la entrevista.
Félix Rivera Torres, Parapsicólogo. Teléfono: 3246982
www.contactoesoterico.com (en rediseño por ahora)
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Ghost hunter

Ghosthunter – Gameplay PS2 HD 720P (PCSX2)

Ghosthunter - Gameplay PS2 HD 720P (PCSX2)
Ghosthunter – Gameplay PS2 HD 720P (PCSX2)

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Enhanced graphics with emulator PCSX2.For recording I used a Live Gamer HD Capture Card (no FPS Drops).
-some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems…

PC specs:
– CPU Intel Core i5 760
– RAM 8 GB
– GPU Gefoce GTX 560
– Windows 7 (64 bit)

PCSX2 (svn) Jun 6 2013

– try yourself (more info at my site in forums section)

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Ghost hunter