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LIVE Q&A – Demons, Angels, Ghost Box, Protection, EVP, Spirit Box, Connections & more!


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IN this video…

A LIVE Q&A SESSION where I get some fantastic questions and answer them to the best of my ability. If you have questions about ITC, Spirituality. Ghost Box Sessions, Evil Spirits, The light, or death then this is a must see!

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World’s Best Spirit Contact and EVP. Scary, Real. HEAR what THEY SAY.

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A video in the most Haunted House I have ever been in. MY OWN. Over eight years doing sprit sessions and work I have had thousands of entities, spirits, angels, demons and other beings in my home connecting.

In this video I use a digital voice recorder to record LOUD spirit voices. I use a P-SB7 Spirit Radio alone and with my portal connect device. I also use an app. Each bring results from the other side.

No, this does not scare me (you can not do this and fear it) and yes this is all 100% real. It’s what I do and have done for eight years now.

Much love to all, and remember LOVE IS THE KEY!

Live Tonight with Myself. Along with Vixan Pendulum,, EVP, GhostBoxing

Live Tonight another Stream with Myself. Along with Vixan and DEBBIE ,and maybe Rusty Reporter..Using Xbox kinect, Pendulum Boar, Ouija Board, EVPS and GhostBox.

Anyone Moaning or Groaning that they fill Sick or fill very Negative energies from my place, my streams will be warned and put on a 5 minute time out ,if they still complain i will block these people as i have had enough of people saying i am giving out negative energies. You come to this stream at you own Choice i can not promise what you will fill is Good or Bad energies, so be Warned.If you fill your being effected in any way PLEASE LEAVE the Stream.