A Spirit Box Session. Tom Petty and the Angels. Messages were Received.
In this focused session I attempt to connect with Tom Petty who sadly passed away recently. I first use music to try to connect with the angels, and then I use music to connect with Mr Petty, and yes, messages were given.


To those who come here with negativity or are under some delusion that this is disrespectful, then you do not know me, my heart or my dedicated work that has gone on for seven years now. I suggest you learn about what I do, why I do it and the only disrespect is from those who come here to troll, when such a beautiful thing is being done here. Your comments will not stay, or be seen, so be aware of that. Also, if you know anything about ITC and this work, you will know the realities of how it works, and why and why contacting the dead is always more successful when done within 24-48 hours. They have a voice, they want to be heard. By not giving them that chance, it is dis-respecting spirit. I have been doing this for seven years, and did not get to where I am today by listening to trolls or negative people. I got to this level due to my dedication, love for spirit, love for LOVE and caring about the dead. I make NO MONEY doing this, if you think I do, you are again, delusional or jealous or the type who thinks they know it all. The last thing I do this for is money, as there is non to be had. If you disagree with what I do, then why are you here? In invite you to leave, as I have been doing sessions like this for MANY years. Robin Williams. Joan Rivers. Johnny Cash. Hugh Hefner. Michael Jackson. Prince. Many more…so those who follow me know what I do, if you disagree, go elsewhere and do something else besides watching my work that is respectful and done with love.

I get asked daily to do sessions for private people, many offer me money. I turn them down. As I said weeks ago, I plan on doing one one one sessions in my home for some of you, for free. As always. That will also be done with respect, and love as giving spirit a voice is what they like, and want. In a world full of evil and hate, no need to come here and spread more. Those who do that, it is you who makes this world so negative. It is sad to see.

Finally, There are no “Know it alls” or experts in this field, none. So no high horses here. Thank you all, love and light to all.