Lost Files Return #2. Leonard Lascelles The boy who Drowned in mitcham common Lake

At around a quarter past two in the afternoon on Wednesday 7 June 1939, ten-year-old Leonard Lascelles of Carshalton went out to play, wearing a swimming costume. ‘He had never been in the water before,’ his mother was later reported as saying, ‘and could not swim.’

Full story of Leonard found here

Can I connect with the spirit of my Father with the Wonder Box Spirit Box? You MUST hear this.

This is my Wonder Box spirit Communication Device. Used all over the world, and by professional researchers, TV shows, and those who wish to attempt to connect with the afterlife.

Yes it is real. Yes it works. But one must work WITH it.

In thi video, I attempt to connect with my Father, and it starts out pretty intense, and then fades and then comes back.

I will be attempting this a few times over the next 2 months. Each time I will focus more, try different techniques and see how it goes. My goal will be to fully connect and get a message from him.

Enjoy, and if you like my work, please thumbs up and subscribe. Love to all.

NOTE: One of the EVP’s here is not an EVP (where it is marked EVP) It was Katrina whispering, and I realized it when I watched this on my TV. Everything else though is from the box and legit. Thank you all!

Forever Friend Katrina Cooper stopped by my home as she was passing through town and we had a great time catching up. I also pulled out my Wonder Box to see if the spirits wanted to chat. By the end, they were comfy around her. Check it out…