Group Night: You CAN receive a message from the other side. Here is how to join in TOMORROW NIGHT.
The next group night is TOMORROW May 12th 2017 at 10PM (New York Time) – Watch the video for info on how to join and possibly receive a message from your lost loved one.

I have been doing these for years on this channel with amazing success and validations. I still call it experimental, and it is 100% free to join in. All it will take from you is 15 minutes of your time, in your own home.

Huff Group Session Night Full Video for 05/12/17. Hear the Messages from the Afterlife.
This is the completed group night from 05/12/17 – if you participated then please take a look and listen to see if you hear any validation for you.

A validation can be a memory, something your lost loved one enjoyed doing, something you enjoy doing, a name, or something that was special between you and your loved one. So listen close.

Messages during group night sound like a whole bunch of confusing snippets but that is because many are here leaving quick messages, one after the other for their loved ones. Spirits are not like us they are made of pure energy (the should is energy) and do not have a brain, voice box, etc. So messages are quick and spirits come in and go out…

we do not understand it all yet but we are getting close. Thank you all!