Best Spirit Ghost Box in the World?. 1st test, SCARY message. Wonder Box Gold.
A bold claim I the title, yes I know but this has been a long journey for me over years of tweaking, building and testing. With the spirits help over the years I have no created my “statement piece” to show what it is that I can accomplish today in ITC.

This is the best box I have ever made and features all of the latest enhancements over my last 6 months of testing. This Wonder Box is unique any other I have made, and unlike ANY box ever made. It is made for clarity, maximum response and energy and now I wonder if maybe, just maybe I have gone to far. The last message is a little un nerving.

Much more to come from this and I will show it working with radios, apps, and even my own voice. Stay tuned.

These Real Spirit Voices will give you the Chills. Wonder Box Gold with my Son Brandon.
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Thank each and every one who watch what I do. This is one of my life’s passions and I would not be doing this today if it were not for all of YOU who comment, thumbs up and subscribe to this channel. My promise to you is to always publish my results, always be real and always be grateful for my blessed life. One day we will have a way to make a true phone call to the other side. That is my goal before I leave this earth.

Love to all.

Paranormal Investigators Spotlight: Concho Valley Paranormal!

Hello! Are you ready for a new paranormal series where we talk to cool paranormal investigators from across the United States? This week meet Concho Valley Paranormal, the ghost hunting group that was in the first two episodes of Season 6 of Dead Explorer!! They share their paranormal experiences and some creepy ghost stories! Let us know what you think about Paranormal Spotlight. Do you want to see more?

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Special thanks to my paranormal friends at CVP. I hope this spotlight helps other paranormal groups like CVP grow in the community. Check out their YouTube channel! ►

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