The Dark Forces and Entities that HAUNT ME. I call HOPE for HELP.
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I call in my good friend JOSH LOUIS from HOPE Paranormal for some help with this dark situation I have going on here. This is as serious as it gets, and real as it gets. Like and Sub if you enjoy my work.

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I Connect with my Fathers Spirit with a Panasonic DR60. My 1st Session Back from Break.
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I explain all in this video but I have been on break for over a month, and picked up a DR60 Recorder today locally. Just fell into place. I searched for one, there was a local seller, and this seller was someone I sold a Wonder Box to in the past. I met up with her, bought this and gave it a go after meditation, focus and raising my vibrational level.

No boxes, no apps, no radios. Just a digital recorder and direct replies. Wait for the end…

Amazing direct EVP’s from thin air. Trying to reach Dad. Panasonic DR60 Recorders
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If you missed my last video from last week, be sure to watch it. This is a continuation of that only using EVP recorders. This time, two Panasonic DR 60’s. They are the real deal, as I have direct answers here. Amazing direct answers. From thin air without any radio, app or sound source.

If you enjoy this, there is more to come of focused sessions and soon, one on one sessions. I am building up my vibration and connection to prepare.

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