The Spirits of Key West, FL Talk to Us. Huff & H.O.P.E. Paranormal
Hanging out in Key West, FL with HOPE Paranormal while we shot our documentary “Finding the Light”. These were some sessions we did for ourselves, not the movie – and they are fantastic. We used the Impossible Box, SCD-1, P-Sb7 and traditional EVP.

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Crossing Over Spirits. 100% Audible Evidence in Key West, FL – AMAZING!
Probably the most important session ever. I was with Josh and Nikki from HOPE Paranormal (search them here on YouTube) to shoot a documentary called “Finding the Light” together. After we filmed the doc over a few days we did a session for us, for you…at the Key West Cemetery to attempt to cross over spirit in need,and get audible validation of this.

Did we?

Maybe. But ever since this session I feel even closer to spirit than ever before and will always do my best to help them when I can. I will also be working with Josh and Nikki again, 100%. We make an amazing team and Josh has a heart of gold (which is key in this field)

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Amazing Session WIth Spirit, crossing over, Audible replies from THEM
Using my Impossible Box and SCD-1 software along with my Portal I had a strong connection in this one. Doesn’t happen every time, but today was strong.

Many more videos are on this channel of me using these devices with amazing 100% validated results.

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