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    A collection of some new work of mine in regards to I.T.C from the end of 2012 and this year 2013. By far some of the best images they have brought th
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    Mortis The Wizard

    Probably the best ITC video out there, well done.

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    Hope Paranormal White Light

    very nice, trying to show support, check out our page if you'd like, this case involves a demon

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    Freszu Fresz

    Amazing proof for life after death, these reflections in the water are beautiful

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    Orion Silverstar

    Thank you Fiona 🙂

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    Orion Silverstar

    Yes…….it is a form of I.T.C called the Water / Light Reflection Method.

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    Orion Silverstar

    Hi my friend how are you ? Yes I get a lot of Entities and when I say Entities I mean non- human souls, beings that never have had a human body. I also get a lot of symbols and writing but do not post much of it online as most of it is personal messages for me.

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    Orion Silverstar

    Hi Sheri, I use different methods of I.T.C communication but the Water method I would advise you to start with as it seems to be the best conductor for them to communicate. I have posted some video`s on he to explain some of the tools I use to do this and most are every day household products. Any more questions Sheri, I am more than happy to help you and wish you well in regards to reaching through to your mom ~ Blessings !

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    Orion Silverstar

    Will do Sharon and thank you….welcome here also 🙂

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    Truly amazing! I’m fascinated. Subbed would love to see more of these and more of your videos. Lisette 🙂

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    Hi Orion. Amazing captures! Im on your facebook (Sharon Iriarte) but didnt know you have a youtube channel. These are just fantastic!!!!! Plz come see my AMAZING EVP captures video on my channel, you may find them interesting aswell. I used the EMF& ESP pro app. ~Namaste

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    Hi Orion your photos are amazing. What is your process? I would like to try and see if my mom who is now deceased would come through. Best wishes, Sheri

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    Amazing images Orion! your work fascinates me and the pictures are very very good. Do you find you get a lot of ET looking entities with the water method? I seem to get a lot and also strange symbols and writing. Thanks for sharing these

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    Paranormal Normalcy

    Orion; Stunningly BEAUTIFUL as always! I love that you are able to find pictures that match what you've captured. How do you do that? I recognize many of the images from my own video as familiar art works, etc., but I wouldn't know where to start trying to find the original pictures of them. Please do share how you are able to find their matches (pretty please?). Love your work, you inspire me, do keep them coming. PS- hello Ava Jewell 🙂 Nice to run into you again here!

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    Kenda Elise

    Stunning shots- Wonderful, thank you for presenting them 🙂

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    A Jewell

    Absolutely wonderful images, I was transfixed…

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    Raven V

    very beautiful 🙂

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    ralph catucci

    Is this that thing where you take videos of water or something like that?

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    fiona cahill

    The variety of spirit you attract is wonderful orion. You are very blessed , I love that animal spirits come through too. This is a great compilation of your work. Thanks for sharing with us. Xx

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    I haven't been getting your videos!

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    It's been forever, thanx for posting!

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