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    Be sure to visit me at the links below for all kinds of spirit evidence. http://www.huffparanormal.com and my facebook with over 71,000 fans! https://
    [See the full post at: The Tesla Spirit Radio – Full Spirit Communication Test]

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    cuch cuch

    8.45  "why are you asking" is what i think i hear.

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    At 8:10 it sound like a Southern man saying "He's out to get us" I think, and at 8:30 I could hear an Australian man saying "Hi, I'm David" but I could be wrong.

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    Muffinshorts McDurhurp

    It's picking up radio signals you dip.   Also, my amplifier can pick up radio signals as well. I must be haunted!

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    alblues fish


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    Ordered the parts for the Tesla Spirit Radio yesterday, they should be here by Friday or Saturday. Then, the more difficult task of following the schematic begins. I will be posting videos of the experimentation, and possibly one of the build…

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    The Freedom Network

    This really gives me chills

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    Do you think your friend would build one to sell? One already built would do just fine if he were to be willing. I could probably make one considering I have some soldering experience (little), but I'd much rather have one constructed the correct way with roper materials. I'm willing to pay the cost of materials + manufacture, service and shipping/handling costs. A device such as this would greatly help my research and possibly provide insight and information/evidence to feature in my book. I'm pretty sure I'm making one if you guys aren't selling!
    -Thanks Steve,
    -Shane Boynton

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    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for the video, I thought I heard Huff Paranormal at the end of the response to your question asking if they had any questions for you

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    raimo luoto

    Very interesting ! I find it incredible that this thing picks up anything at all…Seems basicly to be a sort of "crystal radio" like those in the early days of radio.
    I find this device more convincing than those devices that make messages from snippets of radio boardcasts – this one seems to pick up real voices…
    Definetly a "building project" to consider !

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    Phil Harris

    What sound program is best for doing these sorts of tests?

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    Laird Ehlert

    Why bother with such a crude device when there are better ones available now?  This would be very frustrating for all trying to communicate!

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    Promise Adams

    i heard the spirit say " why are you present"

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    Powertripp Productions

    Won't work at all with out a germanium diode correct? I'm currently in the process of building and I can't get anything but buzzing right now.. waiting on the diodes to come in. Your video inspired me, ill definitely make some videos because I have a really good haunted house im going to take it too!

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    Gamer Geek

    It sounds like it says "I talk all the time and you don't hear me"

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    Gary Rathbone

    Hi why don't you take there advice and attach a crystal!

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    i wish i had one of those but sadly i lack the skills to make one for myself. :((

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    Dan Notz

    Some of your translations are off, "why are you" , if your unsure I'd say so. Jfyi. Otherwise- very cool. 

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