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    My website with loads of info: http://www.huffparanormal.com My SCD-1 Communication App: http://huffparanormal.com/scd-1/the-scd-1-qa-tips-tricks-and-
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    Susan Hand

    I wish he could co tacked my dad he passed I think 4 or five years ago and we all miss him so much my mom more my
    Hole family misses him I know he made it to heaven 

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    Patrick Morse

    Didn't see it in the first
    Comments I looked through. Hopefully this isn't like a Rorschach projection / cup half empty / way to keep it negative, of what I saw in the last Billy picture. Maybe I'm not seeing the face right, but if I am, does anyone else see what looks like a hand grabbing his face from Billy's left. Almost as if someone taller had his chin and jawline in their grasp?

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    Chub bros

    That boy billy looks like my friend that died when he was 10 he was called billy

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    Black Onyx

    Dude did you lose a brother? It sounds like a past relative is contacting you when it says "I love you" or "I'm a brother".

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    Very interesting use of devices. Personally I would never use any form of ghost box in my own home with it having two lay lines running through. The picture of what you say is a man with a pencil moustache, you should look up pictures of King Charles II of England.

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    The one at the aquarium sounded like it said "he's attacking our soul". 

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    Churlee Shween

    I think your consciousness is what's left of you and why most spirits don't make sense in their communication. You're not human anymore and are becoming just a soul or energy of thoughts, memories, emotions.

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    UGGGGHHHHH! WHY am I watching this at 12:40am in the basement family room. Going upstairs now.

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    definately Robin Williams, and definately Joan Rivers 100 %

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    Suoerb !

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    A Brooklyn Haunting

    +Huff Paranormal hey steve, sent you a message, please read it. Thank you. mark You're going to want to see it.

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    Tery Yazze

    ask about Aliens

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    Edward Gurule

    These are demons mimicking human voices nothing more…people are not in limbo when they die, you either go to heaven or hell when you pass…there is no inbetween..demons are constantly working to deceive humans.. They are not capable of telling the truth neither is their master Satan who sends them by the thousands up to earth to do his bidding the Bible calls Satan the" father of lies"…do not be deceived!!..:(

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    L Arvind

    even if that wasn't robin williams , that was some robin and he responded .. man this is all too crazy ! .. amazing !

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    Robert Walton

    That one app is $30

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    kathleen johnson

    amazing !! im speachless!! tell the ghost hunters to do this waw there getting a tad boring but i still watch the series. thank you for sharing these wonders.

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