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    Thetrueguy509 Hatlanta

    Does she know if BIG and Pac still beef? Do they #TheresaCaputo +SwaysUniverse 

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    Zam Wam

    i bet sway wanted to expose her , the look on his face shows he wasnt impressed .

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    I f the dead lets you know how they departed, why would they not give you the name rank and serial number. Hello my name is Bob Jones from Washington, how hard would that be if they have been that person for there whole life.

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    She stood up for Sylvia Brown, because she knows that her Karma is going
    to come back and bite her in the ass, and what a ass it is.

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    She is the biggest fake on this earth.

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    oh my god how the fuck do people fall for this? He told her all the information. LOL

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    When someone commits suicide of course there's gonna be a lot of unanswered questions! 

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    Shane Fredrick Kinsman

    First she says she's talking to a "YOUNG" male figure, the guy says it was his godfather, that right there should have been enough to tell she's bullshitting.
     she's stereotyping due to race, asking a bunch of black folks sitting in a room if they know someone that died from a tragic accident with internal bleeding, of course she's assuming that because their black they know someone that was shot, because in her simple little mind all black people are gangsters, carry guns, and do drive-by's. She's a racist fraud, a phony, if she's a medium, why the hell does she need to ask the person questions. 

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    A lot of people die in a tragic way… Common things…….. when she doesn't guess the right person she jumps to another person.. why are they all happy when they are dead?? How come she doesn't talk about the bad experiences of the dead… I don't buy into this.. "watching over you, strong faith" most Americans have that regardless of the religion they follow…... Most people stray from faith as well… Give me more details, tell me my grandpa's name, and last name and his date of birth (exact) without doing any research on my family history… then I would believe this stuff.. Non sense.. I wouldn't pay for it.. I heard a lot of her readings and she basically says the same thing to everyone.. (Bracelet, mom dying and you were not there(common)….. she is watching over you.. (common)… Common, common, common.. nothing special really…. 

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    Adam East

    this charlatan lies to children for money….she deserves no respect

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