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Testing the new “De-Tuned” P-SB7 Spirit Box and iOvilus at Cemetery


Me and Brandon head to the Cemetery to test out the newest P-SB7 model that is “Detuned” so no radio can come through while scanning (which is why the scanning noise, static and screech is gone). In fact, here is the description:

“These modified units have been detuned in the AM mode, meaning no radio connection. Also, there is no white noise only clear sound as it sweeps. Any words you get are remarkable.”

We tested it out and did get some replies but they were very “P-SB7” ish…still, the AM mode on this new model is amazingly clean and clear and I much prefer it to the other model for AM. There are new versions coming out soon of the P-SB7 that will cut out all radio on AM and FM for no chance of radio contamination.

We also test out the $5 phone app “iOvilus” which we strongly prefer to the $220 stand alone box for results.

We caught a few EVP’s but most are low volume with one or two loud ones. I always suggest good headphones for our videos or any paranormal evidence videos. Laptop speakers usually do not cut it and if you do not hear it using bad speakers that does not mean it is not there.

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