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Talking to the Dead, with a Joe’s Box. Amazing Recordings.


Welcome yet again to another Spirit Communication video where I show you more from the Joe’s Box, a spirit ghost box that allows communication and direct replies from the spirit world. If you are not familiar with the Joe’s box, it is similar to the Andy’s Box, Frank’s Box, and others that allow those who are connected to the spirit world to hear the voices and replies.

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I have been doing this for a few years now and am always amazed at what comes through.

In this video I even show many different dates and locations yet I get the same male voice coming through. Something that is not possible to be radio signals. One of them was 1800 miles away from the other session location. The box rapidly scans through stations creating a way for spirits to push out their words or phrases.

I have a few Joe’s Box videos here, be sure to watch them as you will be astounded by the results.

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