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As I was testing out some new gear for EVP work I decided to test it and back up my claim that spirits are indeed EVERYWHERE. They are literally all around us at all times but not everyone can sense them, hear them or see them.

I have recorded EVP’s in all kinds of locations but for this test I made sure no one else was making noise or around when we did this.

We went to the park by my house in the evening when no one, not a soul, was around. We picked up an EVP of a boy saying “Play with me” and we no know it came from our left as the special 3D mic we use can tell us where the sounds are coming from.

I picked up EVP’s in my quite and empty home that are loud and clear and not audible to me at the time of recording.

I picked up EVP at a cemetery when all that was there were me, my fiancee and some birds. What we picked up are indeed E.V.P. – Believed to be voices from beyond.

I have collected thousands of EVP in my time of researching the Paranormal and I spare no expense in using the best quality microphones and equipment to do these tests even though I do not make a dime from doing any of this.

It is my passion and desire to connect with whatever is out there trying to communicate back.

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