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MIDNIGHT Spirit Session. Music ITC, P-SB7, Wonder Box.

Things are getting a bit intense around here since this wonder box has been completed and replies are getting clearer, more direct, and so so close to a conversation.

P-SB7 into the Wonder Box in the 2nd part, and the 1st part is MUSIC ITC where I put songs into the Wonder Box from my phone, and the spirits change lyrics to get their message out.

Incredible, and 100% real.


QUICK CLIP! Spirit chimes in on the Wonder Box during a demo. Awesome.

Sold my original LARGE Wonder Box to a guy at my cost to build it as I made and spent so much making a couple Wonder Box Mini’s that are battery powered, so I figured I would let go of the large original to a guy who will use it well. During my tutorial video to him, I turned on DIVINATION BOX, which uses only reverse human speech, and the spirits chimed in about the box. More validation that they are there with us ALL THE TIME!


A continuation of my spirit sessions, in the same style as my last video. The spirits are getting more direct, more bold and giving more info than they ever have.

If you missed my last video I posted on YouTube it is a MUST see, and is a lead in to this one. Just click on my channel and see the videos.

I am using my Wonder Box device with a collection of various ITC apps and tools. All with the same results.

I feel that within a year this will be even more direct. more clear and more amazing as I am continuing on with new ideas with a couple of others.

This is true and real spirit work my friends and I have been doing it for years now with hundreds of videos on this channel. I have been involved with it my whole life, and you can see more and read more at the links below:



Also, I have recieved over 100 requests to sell the WONDER BOX. I d not have the time to do that but do have TWO up for sale at my website HUFFPARANORMAL.COM

It is the most incredible ITC tool made today is you want clear, direct communication and a tool you can grow with. They cost a fortune to make, and take 4-7 days to build (how I make them).

Only two are available and I will NOT make any more after these.

That is is. Thank You.

MIND BLOWN. Matrix App with the Wonder Box. Hear the Dead ASWER me.

The communication is getting stronger, better, more direct and absolutely incredible. I have envisioned this level of communication now for years, and we are 75% of the way there.

Just had to share this short clip using my Wonder Box and the new Matrix app from Matt Payne.

I only use the live IP scan, with scan rate to 2500 sometimes 3000. The more raw audio we give the spirits through the wonder box, the longer and more direct the answers can be.

This can’t be denied. By anyone.