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Follow Up Spirit Box Validation Session for Angry Grandpa and Michael. SCD-2, Wonder Box.

MY Q&A on Sprit Communication: https://goo.gl/w2XNQp

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After this mornings session I felt like I wanted to do a follow up session, to see if I could get a validation that Any Grandpa did indeed come through in morning session for his son Michael.

This is a clear, direct, session. Also includes general communication.

MIDNIGHT Spirit Session. Music ITC, P-SB7, Wonder Box.

Things are getting a bit intense around here since this wonder box has been completed and replies are getting clearer, more direct, and so so close to a conversation.

P-SB7 into the Wonder Box in the 2nd part, and the 1st part is MUSIC ITC where I put songs into the Wonder Box from my phone, and the spirits change lyrics to get their message out.

Incredible, and 100% real.


QUICK CLIP! Spirit chimes in on the Wonder Box during a demo. Awesome.

Sold my original LARGE Wonder Box to a guy at my cost to build it as I made and spent so much making a couple Wonder Box Mini’s that are battery powered, so I figured I would let go of the large original to a guy who will use it well. During my tutorial video to him, I turned on DIVINATION BOX, which uses only reverse human speech, and the spirits chimed in about the box. More validation that they are there with us ALL THE TIME!