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Intense real time spirit communication, Birdcage Theater. Tombstone, AZ

Intense real time spirit communication, Birdcage Theater. Tombstone, AZ
Brandon and I headed back to Tombstone, AZ where we visited a few weeks ago during the day. We had so many impressive EVP’s there we decided to come back for a night investigation with the entire place to ourselves.

But we brought a local husband and wife team with us who really wanted to go, in fact, it was their idea to get us in for the night investigation.

With the entire building to ourselves we investigated for four hours. Brandon and I shot about 2 hours worth of video and the results are crystal clear. The Birdcage is LOADED with spirits who communicated to us via EVP (probably 30-40 EVP’s here) – via Ghost Box (The Andy’s Box was awesome) and the amazing updated ECHOVOX app which BLEW MY MIND.

When you see the 2nd session with the Echovox your mind will be blown as well. This is a device that allows spirits to here us more easily and due to this we have a full real time communication with them where they responded to our questions and even made comments about what we were doing.

I have never witnessed anything such as this.

We also tested the Ovilus III and it is garbage. Plain and simple. We tested two of them.

With E.V.P, Spirit Box, Echovox and the me being able to feel the presence wherever the spirits were at I can tell you with 100% certainty that the Birdcage Theater is 100% filled with Spirits. This video is proof of that, period.

I even caught a legitimate orb on video, watching it on my LCD before acknowledging the presence of it. When I did, it vanished instantly but the cool part is that there is an EVP asking that spirit where it is going as it floats intelligently around our table.

Enjoy the video and one day in the next 6 months I hope to get back here to do more experiments with the Echovox as well as touch and something NO ONE has ever attempted.

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The Paranormal: How to talk to the dead. My experience and evidence with EVP, Spirit Boxes, Ghost Boxes and Spirit communication

and you can watch our 1st casual visit to the Birdcage at the link below:

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Une enfant se manifeste au cours d’une séance de Transcommunication instrumentale

Une enfant se manifeste au cours d'une séance de Transcommunication instrumentale
Partage des résultats TCI ( Transcommunication Instrumentale) obtenus lors d’une séance.

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Rien n’est de plus tragique que la perte d’un enfant… J’envoies 1000 pensées d’amour et de réconfort aux personnes qui sont face à cette épreuve… Voyez… Ecoutez… vos enfants veille sur vous comme ce petit ange inconnu venu laisser des messages à l’attention de ses parents…
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Spirit Communication: Fallen Angels

Spirit Communication: Fallen Angels
I have experienced angel communication telepathically with Angel Satan and Angel Johnathon. I hadn’t remembered the eye color of the Angel that appear as Satan until I started talking about it and without realizing it I had remembered his eye color. I had forgot certain details over the years and this time around I wasn’t seeing him as a solid person but as a strong spirit impression that spoke telepathically and used clairsentience mostly to communicate. They are interested in certain souls that they know from ancient times that represent oracles, etc.

They left me with a message about Earth and living on the planet by eating from nature and about my connection to ancient knowledge that may have been destroyed about three snakes entwined symbol. If extended in knowledge I believe it is about a wand and an instrument for sky travel related to ancient technology with flying spacecraft. (Wink.)

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Grenzwissenschaften, Transkommunikation Prf. Ernst Senkowski Teil 3/7 (plus Bonus material)

Grenzwissenschaften,  Transkommunikation Prf. Ernst Senkowski Teil 3/7 (plus Bonus material)
Interview für die Dokumentation (R)Evolution 2012, mit Prof. Ernst Senkowski. Über die Thematik der Transkommunikation.
(Teil 7: Aussschnitt aus der Dokumentation: (R)Evolution 2012 und Demonstration der Transkommunikation)
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Ernst Senkowski