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Crossing Over Spirit Attempt with Validation. Ethereal App. Huff Paranormal – Teaser

My 1st test and world premier of the new spirit box app from Steve Huff and Anthony Sanchez of ghosthunterapps.com

This was actually my very 1st test.

It is software designed for ITC, spirit communication. For those who want a love filled, positive filled experience.

A full video will be up soon showing the Ethereal app, what it does, how it works and how to use it for good.

Will be available soon at http://www.ghosthunterapps.com

MUST SEE! Amazing Night at the Hotel San Carlos, and a Crossing Over with Validation. Wonder Box.

Wow. Debby and I went to the Hotel San Carlos in Phx AZ last night and attempted to communicate with the spirits who reside there. Not only did we communicate, we had direct one on one’s and even a crossing over attempt at the end with a crystal clear validation that it worked.

My Portal Wonder Box blew me away though when we left in the morning, I thought we only captured GOOD but not GREAT evidence. Upon review, it is up there with the best I have done.

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SCD-1 Validation with Physical Spirit Box

Buy the SCD-1 HERE for Windows devices, desktops, tablets or laptops:


Just a validation to prove that the SCD-1 app works just like a physical spirit box just without the noise as well as proof that radio sweep is the most effective form of spirit communication available today.

This was a test that I had no idea if it would work. In fact, I never expected it to as spirits do not always work with me on command. It is usually unpredictable. But off camera I told them they were also beta testers for me and if they could help validate and prove that the app works just the same as a spirit box it would be very helpful.

They did not let me down.

The SCD-1 scans Internet radio. The Andre Box FM. 100% IMPOSSIBLE to be radio noise when the same name comes through on command for both.


SCD-1 $49.99 – Andre Box – $270 (it’s a gorgeous box)

Buy the SCD-1 HERE for Windows devices, desktops, tablets or laptops: