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Calling Earth – Instrumental Trans-Communication Documentary 2014

Calling Earth - Instrumental Trans-Communication Documentary 2014
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CALLING EARTH • A rough-cut documentary-in-progress about communication with the deceased through modern electronic technology. (Parts 1 through 10 of 11)

Produced, Directed and Edited by Dan Drasin.
Associate Producer, Tim Coleman
Music Courtesy of Harold Moses, James Crocker, Mitchell Covington and John Rowcroft

FOREWORD • Because the conscious survival of physical death makes no sense in terms of our materialistic (essentially 19th-century) scientific paradigm, Western science is only now beginning to play catch-up in this arena. So please don’t take this documentary as the final word. In another decade or two we may well look back on this type of research as primitive, but for now it’s a start. Just try it on for size and see what you think, keeping in mind that a documentary film can only scratch the surface of any subject. We hope you enjoy it.

Camera: Dan Drasin and Tim Coleman • Special thanks to Leslie Kean and Jolyn O’Hare • Editorial Services: Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov • Interim Narration by Dan Drasin • Dedicated to the memory of Jane Kimbrough • © 2014 by Daniel Drasin • Produced for free, educational viewing only. Unlicensed materials are included under applicable Fair Use provisions.
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En direct de l’au-delà. La transcommunication instrumentale : réalité ou utopie ?

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researcher into Instumental Transcommuication is the recipient of the first Honorary Nobel prize for afterlife and paranormal scientific investigation for his critical contribution to mankind. His book Instrumental Transcommunication is regarded as the most influential publication in the field of ITC and EVP and his work has excited and inspired a whole generation of ITC and EVP researchers throughout the world.


Dr. rer. nat. Ernst Senkowski was born in Hamburg in 1922. After the conferment of a diploma and a doctor’s degree in 1958, scientific research fellow at the Institute of Physics at the Mayence university. UNESCO expert for physics at the National Research Center of Cairo, Egypt. From 1961 till his retirement, lecturer at the college for engineering at Bingen, then professor at the polytechnic of Rheinland-Pfalz, section Bingen, electrical technology branch. Since 1974, independent investigations in the field of transcommunication.