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I Help Send a Spirit to God’s Light. Hear it as it Happens.

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This is a wonderful uplifting session. A must see. Here I use a radio to connect to the sprits, then an app with my soulspeaker where I cross over a spirit named Gordon who is looking for the light. This happened unexpectedly and it is always a pleasure when it happens. At the end I use the DR60 to record real time EVP from a spirit in the room. Enjoy and Love you all!

I Coax a Spirit out of my Body, and Jesus Sets Spirits Free. HEAR IT/SEE IT.

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/huffparanormal

Website: http://www.huffparanormal.com

Wow guys, this is a special session. I took my SoulSpeaker by my pool as they have been asking for WATER for years. I remember doing this before with some amazing interactions. This time it is even better using the SoulSpeaker gold.

SO many direct answers that can NOT in any way be denied. By anyone. So much communication, so many messages and at one point a spirit enters my body and I coax him to leave.

I am so blessed to be able to have this precious gift of communication that allows us all to hear what the spirits on the other side are saying.

Eight years of research on this channel with over 600 videos. Thumbs up and subscribe for more, and check out my website for articles and my Patreon for live chats, Q&A sessions and monthly group nights where we try to reach loved ones of all who are there.

This is getting very special my friends, and as I said over the years I will always be here pushing the envelope and finding ways to help speak with those who have left us to go to the other side.


Our souls never die.

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Spirit tells me we are in the END OF TIMES. Hear them validate it.

By request of so many out there, I ask more about the end of times. Many out there truly believe we are living in these times now. Some who have had messages have told me it is soon, others say spirits are lying.

As for me, I am skeptical of it being the end of times…now. If we look at the world, sometimes it appears that we are indeed heading down that path. So much division, hate, anger, and allowing others to manipulate us with lies, and so many other things that are happening

So are the spirits telling the truth here, to me, and many others who have been receiving these communications? These messages have been coming in for months, and I Have captured more than these but these are the key messages.

What do YOU think?