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A True Conversation with Spirit. During Group Night. Mention GOD..Hear it.

This is a segment from the last group night that I did just 2 night ago. I am still going through the review (takes 12-20 hours) but this segment using the Vocibus really amazed me. The Vocibus is premium software for ITC (spirit communication) and uses PHONETIC sounds that the spirits can use to form words, phrases or sentences. NONE of what you hear in this video is in the bank of sounds, the spirits use the sounds to form their messages, and i Have never gotten closer to a real conversation, one on one as i have here.

Spirit tells me “YOUR LIFE IS ENDING”. Hear It. Real Spirit Communication.

A New Wonder Box – New Parts. The SCD-2 is being used with it.

Tweaking a new Wonder Box where I decided to see if I could replace the reverb (that helps spirits come through) with something else even more effective, and clearer. So far, my 1st tests show me it will work. I just need to tweak it and get it all set up. It is also designed to help keep away the more negative spirits.

Here they tell me some crazy things and even ask if I am God. Made me feel sad when I did the review. If you enjoy my work please. thumbs up and subscribe.