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QUICK CLIP: First test of the MATRIX ITC App for Spirit Communication

My very 1st quick run of what may soon end up being one of my fave apps. It is offering things I have been looking for like live IP scanning without the constant chatter, things like adjustable speed all the way to 3000ms, as well as a reverse bank.

Matt Payne made this app, and so far so good. Will use it more and more to see if it does indeed help with communication, and to see if it has the ability to “lock in” like the SCD-1 does when there is a connection.

Exciting times for ITC and Matt is charging only $1.99 for this one.

Available at the Google Play store. Android.

Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication
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No emotion is wasted.
No feeling is to be dismissed.
No sight is unhelpful.
No teaching is useless.

One simply learns to navigate. To direct your ship towards the light. Embracing and integrating the patches of darkness, fear and confusion along the way. Learning to navigate your life this way is Spirit Communication for the greatest Spirit Communication is the communication with self.

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Spirit communication

Amazing new CLEAR Spirit Ghost Box, THE WHITE BOX. Plus SCD-1 Session!

Just arrived! My new “White Box” from Greg Machester. Cost me $300 but for me, well worth it. This is the clearest ghost box next to my old Joe’s Box I have ever heard (but sounds better).

Also, a session with my SCD-1 app ($50) at Joshua Tree Park that is quite amazing as well.

I told you 2015 would be amazing for Spirit Communication and there is so much more to come.