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The Backwards Box. Spirit Communication Device that is UNDENIABLE.

Many ask e every week “Can you Make me a Portal”? I always say “NO” as I do not have the time or funds as making a full fledged portal or wonder box is EXPENSIVE.

I have discovered a way to make 5 of these new BACKWARDS BOXES and offer them to YOU at a great price and what they can do is absolutely amazing.

ALL audio you feed it is reversed. Custom revern and reverse algorithm;s created by ME. PARTS and materials alone costs me $220 before tax. Plus my time…

This is a great little “Mini Portal” type of setup with REVERSE added in making it an undeniable spirit communication device.

EACH one will be unique, different and fully ready to go. I recommend using the free police scanner app or the premium ITC software ETHEREAL and IMPOSSIBLE BOX from GHOSTHUNTERAPPS.COM

Spirit Communication – The Huff Paranormal SCD-1 is HERE!

BUY: http://www.ghosthunterapps.com

LEARN: http://huffparanormal.com/the-scd-1-qa-tips-tricks-and-intro-video/

SOCIAL: http://www.facebook.com/HuffParanormal

If you are thinking of purchasing the Huff Paranormal SCD-1 (Spirit Communication Device #1) this video will tell you MORE than you want to know about it.

Usually an app is released by most and we are off to fend for ourselves. With this app, I feel it is so special that it deserved a full video explanation, how it came to be, why it works like it does and how to use it for best results as well as some mind blowing evidence samples.

I also have a full detailed instructional page at my website, huffparanormal.com with a fully detailed Q&A on the device/app.


So questions are answered THERE on the SCD-1 page.

This is a game changing app that may just change what you feel about spirit communication.

For SCD-1 Support and Questions on the App: