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Return of the Wonder Box Gold. The Most Effective Spirit Box in the World 2018.

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This is the very 1st test of my latest Box Build, and not a full session. I did not meditate before, nor did I use intense focus but the spirits are still talking. I will post a full session from it soon that I feel will be incredible.

My last box, the SoulSpeaker ended up being too large, too heavy and while it was performing well, my smaller boxes always sounded better to me. So I set the SoulSpeaker to the side and decided to re create the Wonder Box Gold from last year, but with some changes.

This one is a mix of the Soul Speaker and Wonder Box Gold. Info is at my website at http://www.huffparanormal.com if interested.

I feel this is the most effective Spirit Box in the World and it features all of the technologies I brought forth into ITC over the years. Energy types, noise reduction, reverb (must be implemented correctly), human energy transfer, magnetic energy, etc.

This is the best looking box I have ever made as well with the most attention to detail I have ever put into a box.