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Huff Paranormal – Group Night Returns, Portal, SCD-1, GeoBox

A return to the experimental group nights! It has been 2-3 months but decided to bring them back due to demand. After i went through it all, it seems there were a few messages for others but not a ton. Some were for me, and some were just spirit rambles.

Still, some fantastic spirit communication going on regardless of who came through.

I used the SCD-1 with the Portal as well as a Jensen Hack Radio with the Portal (see my other videos to see more of the portal) and the GeoBox, which is the best spirit box made in 2015, IMO (and I have used them all).

This is true spirit (or some for of intelligent) communication, as we have it in 2015.

Finding the Light. Huff and H.O.P.E. Paranormal using the Portal.

I joined up with HOPE Paranormal as we will soon be embarking on a huge journey making a full fledged documentary film. Before that we wanted to see just how we would work together as even though we have chatted for years, we never worked together. I feel we will make a killer team for helping spirits into the light, or at least doing our best to try.

The Vocibus Ghost Box App Test w/ Portal. BLOWING MY MIND.

WOW. The latest app from Anthony Sanchez at ghosthunterapps.com is pretty incredible. While I did not care for the voicing at 1st, in use it is incredible. Using a phonetic engine vs real words and phrases, this app delivers 100% evidence of real time communication with SOMETHING. THIS can not be denied, especially after watching this video.

Incredible direct connection. This one will go in my list of the best apps on the market for Spirit work including the SCD-1… and now Vocibus.

Spirits want help to cross over. Hear them tell me..Vocibus, Portal, GeoBox



Using my Portal and the new Vocibus app again for some spirit work. I also bring out the GeoBox II and the new Keith Weldon Q&A Box.

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