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Spirit Communication For People and Animals

Spirit Communication For People and Animals
My guest on Turn To The Stars this week is Danielle Dionne of Chester, NH. Danielle is a Medium, Animal Communicator & Psychic. She also works with The Northeast Paranomal Investigators Group. Please join us for the next 30 minutes for this interesting show…..

Danielle can be reached through her website @ www.danielledionne.com

Thank you for all your continued support!

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Paranormal Researcher Offers Ghost Tours of the London Bridge

Lake Havasu City, AZ (Vocus) July 23, 2009

As night falls, a group of tourists gather around a small building at the foot of the London Bridge. These amateur ghost hunters listen intently as Gary Asbury, paranormal researcher and operator of the London Bridge Ghost Tours, talks about the darker history of the London Bridge and the spirits he says came with the granite span.

Many people generally associate ghostly happenings with older regions containing more history. While Lake Havasu City is a relatively young community, founded along the lower Colorado River in Arizona in 1964 by chainsaw magnate Robert P. McCulloch, Asbury maintains that McCulloch got much more than just the granite stones when he purchased the bridge from the City of London. “There is a lot of residual energy that came with the bridge,” he said. “It residual energy; it’s not a haunting, spirit or visitation. It’s more like a piece of music on a loop Granite is the best storage mechanism on the planet for that energy,” he said.

It’s true that the London Bridge is steeped in history. Asbury’s tour tells of innumerable despondent Londoners who took their lives by jumping from the bridge into the River Thames. The bridge also withstood the blitzkrieg attacks during World War II, and some of its stones still bear the marks from that war. It all adds up to an active paranormal site, according to Asbury. “There were over 100,000 suicides off the bridge when it was in London, not to mention the bodies of executed criminals that were displayed on the bridge. There is a lot of history that came with it,” he said.

The result is an active site for paranormal researches who gather photographic and video evidence, as well as EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomena. EVPs are believed by paranormal researchers to be voice recordings of spirits. The investigator will ask questions into the recorder and when it’s played back, sometimes voices will be present on the recording, when no one was there to give the answers. “We were doing EVPs about three nights ago and we got this voice by the McCulloch statue that said ‘What are you doing?’ Then another one said ‘I forgive you.’ We did another one by the door at the beginning of the tour where a kid asked ‘Is there anybody in there?’ and a voice on the recording said ‘Me,’ but there was no one in the building,” recounted Asbury.

Asbury says every tour results in something interesting. From guests who capture spirit energy in the form of “orbs” or “ecto” on their cameras, to others who feel spirits rushing by, he says many a skeptic has turned believer by the end of the tour. “People love it when they go on the tour,” he said. They’re able to bring their own recorders and cameras, take their pictures and collect their own EVPs. Then they examine their own pictures they know that the result isn’t photoshopped, they got something they know isn’t normal,” he said.

Jan Kassies, the Visitor Services Director for the Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitors Bureau, and a skeptical tour taker himself, said he thoroughly enjoyed the tour. “I liked the tou and the history of the bridge and the way Gary told it,” he said. “He gave it a new dimension. Gary is a great story teller,” he said.

Tours depart from the Asbury’s store, “The Dungeon”, at 8:30 pm during the summer, 6:30 during the winter and 7:30 in the spring. More information can be found at http://www.sirgothic.com.

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