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Unsolved Murder Mystery #3 THE SANDRA BLAND Case.: via Pendulum

Unsolved Murder Mystery #3 Who will it be tonight: via Pendulum
Unsolved Murder Mystery #3 THE SANDRA BLAND Case.: Plus a few other Crime Cases via Pendulum
Mystery Murder chat with Steve and Rose Castro ,talking about future Solved and Unsolved Cases, in hope we can contact Spirits of devastating cases to learn and understand and hear there Storied of what really happened. We hope to do many more of these types of Streams, so keep tuned in for more exciting Streams,yet still to come in the near Future.

Information on all cases are hear say, we can not prove these are the spirits of the victims nor can we prove the information they are telling us are True Facts, Some spirits can Lie and pretend to be said victims, we do not pass any information we collect to the enforcement agencies as it is just Hear say information these spirits are telling us.

1:Anyone advertising there channel or any other channel without asking ME first. will be warned then 2nd time Blocked.

2:Anyone complaining about the way i do my Pendulum will be warned and then Blocked.

3: Filling that negative energies are making them sick will be warned then Blocked.

4: Disrespecting other Viewers Swearing at them in a negative way will get them a Time out warning then Blocked.

5: No Trolls Allowed as they will be BLOCKED right away.

6: Swearing and disrespecting MYSELF and saying im faking stuff( I DONT FAKE SHIT)and my channel Direct Block right away.

7: Asking me to get GHOST’s/Spirits to do things or Provoke Spirits ghosts will be warned on a time out.

8: Spamming channel get you in a direct Youtube Spam time out of around 1 minute

9: NO Talking about World News and Terrorist, and other World NEWS Crap:..This is a paranormal Channel were here to talk Paranormal, if you want to talk World News then go open a channel/Stream yourself, Talk Paranormal or leave my Stream.OK