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Live Living Event while Sleeping 20/2/16 Part 1

Live Living Event while Sleeping :CHAT TURNED ON but i wont see as i be asleep.Sorry if ya can hear me snoring. lol

Anyone Moaning or Groaning that they fill Sick or fill very Negative energies from my place, my streams will be warned and put on a 5 minute time out ,if they still complain i will block these people as i have had enough of people saying i am giving out negative energies. You come to this stream at you own Choice i can not promise what you will fill is Good or Bad energies, so be Warned.If you fill your being effected in any way PLEASE LEAVE the Stream.

My BEST Spirit Communication of 2017 Part 3. This will BLOW YOUR MIND. Guaranteed.

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Part 1: https://goo.gl/pQme5q
Part 2: https://goo.gl/4QPgzF

YES TIHS IS ALL 100% REAL. I have been doing this for seven years and have produced over 540 videos here showing the progress from years ago until today. See part 1 and 2 using the links below with more that will simply blow your mind.

My Wonder Box device is the worlds PREMIUM Spirit Box and is used by researchers, teams, TV personalities and ITC gurus worldwide.

I have done my work live, o radio, on TV, and have bee featured on several news channels, coast to coast AM and in many other videos from other teams on YouTube.

We are reaching the goal of clear, concise communication and 2018 will only get better. I look forward to seeing how far this can go.