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Top 5 POLTERGEIST Activity Caught On Tape – Real GHOST Videos 2015

Real Scary Demon Poltergeist footage is caught on tape at most haunted places around the world, where Ghost sightings & Poltergeists have been reported.

What are Poltergeists?

In our Paranormal Investigations, we have experienced Real Poltergeist Activity on camera, if you have time and are extremely interested in the paranormal, please watch some of our episodes as we have some incredible Paranormal Evidence.
In folklore and Paranormal studies, a Poltergeist Phenomenon alludes to the apparent yet unexplained Manifestation of multiple force reactions caused by a seemingly invisible Entity. Most accounts of Poltergeist Manifestations involve such force being triggered at objects, usually household destruction and relocation of furniture, levitation of cutlery, knocking on the doors, although some seem to describe accompanying hallucinations, as well as Physical Demon or Ghost Attacks on human witnesses. Such actions can include pinching, biting, hitting and tripping the victim, or producing noises like moaning, laughing and talking etc.
Poltergeists occupy numerous niches in cultural folklore, and have traditionally been described as troublesome Spirits who, unlike Ghosts, Haunt a particular person instead of a specific location. Such alleged Poltergeist Manifestations have been reported in many cultures and countries including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and most European nations. The earliest recorded cases date back to the 1st century.
The word Poltergeist comes from the German words Poltern , Which means to make sound and Geist , Which means Ghost , and the term itself roughly translates as Noisy Ghost or Noise Ghosts
Most reports of Poltergeist Manifestations involve Paranormal noises and destruction that have no immediate or verifiable cause. Situations include inanimate objects being picked up and thrown, noises such as knocking, rapping, or even human voices and physical Real Ghost Attacks on human beings, such as pinching, biting and hitting.
Single Poltergeist cases often range in duration from a few hours to several months.

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TOP 5 POLTERGEIST Activity Caught On Tape – Real GHOST Videos.

Spirit Voices Competition

(PRWEB) June 19, 2005

Spirit Voices is a well established Paranormal website with an already large following. The site has grown steadily in recent months and is currently attracting over 100 visitors a day.

Spirit Voices investigates a number of paranormal phenomena, including Electronic Voice Phenomena, Mudiumship, Tarot and Psychometry. Spirit Voices, in conjunction with the Paranormal Investigation Team for Scotland also conducts Paranormal Investigations of supposedly haunted locations and published their reports on their website.

In the past few weeks, the number of visitors to the site has increased significantly. An eBay auction was held, offering guest investigator places on an upcoming investigation. Now the site is running a free to enter competition to win an Exclusive Spirit Voices wristbands. These are not available in any shop and have been specially commissioned by Spirit Voices. The Wristbands are 100% silicon and come in a trendy shade of Black, embossed with the Spirit Voices web site address.

To enter, just visit http://www.spirit-voices.com and follow the links to the competition. Entry is free and entering takes only a few minutes.


Jim Hatton




Stanley Jolet Announces Release of Paranormal Investigations

Schriever, LA (PRWEB) August 01, 2013

With the hope of contacting his mother on the other side, author Stanley Jolet embarked on a paranormal journey that found him contacting the deceased in Louisiana, Las Vegas, Europe and the Caribbean. “Paranormal Investigations: The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles” (published by Trafford Publishing) is a collection of stories about his trip across the globe to investigate paranormal activity and what happened once contact had been made.

“In my quest to contact my mother, I decided to visit historical, haunted sites around the globe,” Jolet says. “Join me, my wife, our son and my wife’s brother as we take you through the world of the unknown.”

Readers follow Jolet as he and his companions use instrumental telecommunication (ITC) and electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) to listen to the voices of the deceased. With bone-chilling description, the author takes readers deep behind the veil and shows them that, if they are just willing to listen, they might be able to speak with the spirits around them.

“I want readers to know that anyone, anywhere, anytime can use the same equipment and software that I use and communicate with the spirits of their loved ones,” he says. “Readers can also venture to historical sites such as battlefields and old forts and get a glimpse of history by recording the residual voices of spirits still haunting the areas.”

An excerpt from “Paranormal Investigations”:

“Maybe that is why people think that miracles occur – because our loved ones are keeping a watchful eye over us and helping us in our daily lives. They could be the angels that have been recorded throughout history as helping people and nations in their hours of need. For example, maybe Joan of Arc had the gift of hearing spirit voices without using an EVP recorder and these spirits gave her intelligent advice on how to defeat the English at Patay so that Charles VI could be crowned king of France. Was this really a case of divine intervention or spirit manipulation? Maybe it’s a little of both happening at the same time!”

Paranormal Investigations

By Stanley Jolet

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 226 pages | ISBN 9 781466961333

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 226 pages | ISBN 9781466961319

E-Book | 226 pages | ISBN 9781466961326

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Stanley Jolet has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from LSU and has been a professional chemist for 34 years. He specializes in the analysis of trace metals using atomic absorption and inductively coupled argon plasmas, which utilize the properties of light. He lives with his wife, Barbara, their son, Philip, a disabled Iraqi Freedom War Veteran and their “ghost dog” Froo Froo in Schriever, La.

Trafford Publishing, an Author Solutions, LLC. author services imprint, was the first publisher in the world to offer an “on-demand publishing service,” and has led the independent publishing revolution since its establishment in 1995. Trafford was also one of the earliest publishers to utilize the Internet for selling books. More than 10,000 authors from over 120 countries have utilized Trafford’s experience for self-publishing their books. For more information about Trafford Publishing, or to publish your book today, call 1-888-232-4444 or visit trafford.com.

Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigations

  • Learn what paranormal investigating/ghost hunting is all about
  • What are Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs)
  • Paranormal investigating/ghost hunting techniques
  • Paranormal investigating/ghost hunting equipment
  • How to conduct an investigation
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