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Spirit Voices Competition

(PRWEB) June 19, 2005

Spirit Voices is a well established Paranormal website with an already large following. The site has grown steadily in recent months and is currently attracting over 100 visitors a day.

Spirit Voices investigates a number of paranormal phenomena, including Electronic Voice Phenomena, Mudiumship, Tarot and Psychometry. Spirit Voices, in conjunction with the Paranormal Investigation Team for Scotland also conducts Paranormal Investigations of supposedly haunted locations and published their reports on their website.

In the past few weeks, the number of visitors to the site has increased significantly. An eBay auction was held, offering guest investigator places on an upcoming investigation. Now the site is running a free to enter competition to win an Exclusive Spirit Voices wristbands. These are not available in any shop and have been specially commissioned by Spirit Voices. The Wristbands are 100% silicon and come in a trendy shade of Black, embossed with the Spirit Voices web site address.

To enter, just visit http://www.spirit-voices.com and follow the links to the competition. Entry is free and entering takes only a few minutes.


Jim Hatton