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Pictures of Orbs taken 19/09/2012 and 2 images way back in Nov/2011.cool pictures

Pictures taken on a digital camera around 1:30-2am in 4 differant Residance locations

Picture of Orbs taken Novemebr 2011

Can someone check out these pictures for me, im sure they are ORBS and NOT DUST, as it was a calm night the night last November when we said out last good byes to my farther the day we laid him to rest, we set of some balloons, and i just found the pictures, and checked them out and found what i think could be orbs.

Also in picture 1 i think there is a Face in the top floor window, am i right or wrong.


All my ORB and Ghostly man RAW Pictures are available to download here,aqs requested the RAW images. Taken from my POWERSHOT A810 HD Camera. Slow at taking pictures with Flash but images are kinda ok for 16 mega pixels..