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Witch & Ghost Hunter Visit Creepy Massacre Site! | DE #82

A witch and a ghost hunter visit a haunted Indian massacre site and capture creepy experiences on video! https://deadexplorer.com

Per Wikipedia: “The Killough Massacre is believed to have been both the largest and last Native American attack on white settlers in East Texas. The massacre took place on October 5, 1838, near Larissa (north of Jacksonville) in the northwestern part of Cherokee County. There were eighteen victims, who included Isaac Killough, Sr., and his extended family (viz. the families of four sons and two daughters). They had immigrated to the Republic of Texas from Talladega County, Alabama, in 1837, settling on December 24th of that year.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killough_massacre

Guest featuring Gayle from http://www.gayletracey-mull.com.

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