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My Father’s Spirit Leaves me a Message of LOVE & My NEW GHOST BOX in action.

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I’m back with a new video my friends! Thank you for coming back. Today I show off my newest spirit box build and get a message from my father..one of LOVE. It’s amazing, so be sure to watch this one all the way through.

LOVE IS THE KEY! Love you all!

A Message of Hope from the Angels

A Message of Hope from the Angels

From the internationally bestselling author of Angels in my Hair comes the Sunday Times Number One bestseller with messages of hope for you. In A Message of Hope from the Angels Irish mystic Lorna Byrne brings a vital, urgent communication from above for these challenging times. 'The Angel told me, 'Hope makes the impossible possible Lorna sees angels with as much clarity as the rest of us see people and she speaks to them every day. In the past Lorna has talked about her life, and how the angel Theresa Caputo

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Message from Doc Mueller to Adolf Homes

Doc Mueller, September 20, 1993:

This is George Jeffries Mueller through computer in Station Rivenich. Everything that makes up life on your planet is active in all dimensions. These dimensions are countless and each one is part of the total action of Physical, but predominantly psychical processes. The physical and the spiritual structures turn out to be small forms of energy which in turn are hardly recognized by still finer forms. Yet, all forms of energy are universally connected with each other, though many of them are not aware of it. The mind and consciousness of man is only able to concentrate on basic goals. Spirit life however, regardless of its form, constitutes a certain cosmic reality. Of this reality I can speak only little, since its concepts are not part of your thinking.