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East Coast Private Investigator Michael A. Coller, and ‘We Don’t Die’ Author Sandra Champlain Meet West Coast Ghosts

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) March 06, 2014

Massachusetts resident & Licensed Private Investigator, Michael A. Coller and international best-selling author, Sandra Champlain head to the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood in an attempt to identify if paranormal activity exists at this well known landmark.

Located on Hollywood Boulevard and opened for business in 1927, the Roosevelt Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Los Angeles and one of the most haunted places in the world. It has long been a hangout for Hollywood’s biggest stars and some big named ghosts, included Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift.

Massachusetts Private Investigator, Michael A. Coller is no stranger to ghost hunting. As author of ‘7 Signs of Lying,’ Coller is recognized expert in detecting detect truth and deception.

Coller’s last investigation was the Lizzie Borden House located in Fall River Massachusetts, which has been rated the number one most haunted place in the United States by the Travel Channel according to TripAdvisor.com. “Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one,” says a well known rhyme.

Asked if he felt the Lizzie Borden House was haunted, he responded: “I would never challenge anyone one if they said it was haunted. A place that has had such horrific acts committed inside surely has negative energy.” When faced with the question of how he rested that evening, Mr. Coller answered: “It was the best night of sleep I had in months!”

Haunting activity claimed at the Roosevelt Hotel:

Marilyn Monroe’s ghost has been seen reflected in a mirror in room 229 and dancing in the hotel’s ballroom.
Montgomery Clift’s ghost is thought to haunt room 928, where he stayed while filming From Here to Eternity, and can still be heard playing his trumpet. His spirit has also been spotted on the eighth floor.
One guest who stayed in room 928 felt patting on her shoulder by an unseen hand as she lay in bed reading.
There is an eerie cold spot in the Blossom Ballroom that is about 10 degrees colder than the rest of the room.
The ghost of a man dressed in white has been seen standing near a piano in the Blossom Ballroom. When guests approached the man, after hearing piano music, he vanished before their eyes.
The ghost of glamorous movie star Carole Lombard, wife of Clark Gable, has been spotted on the 12th floor, where she and Gable often stayed.
Former Saturday Night Live cast member Ana Gasteyer, while staying one of the hotels’s suites, encountered a piano that played by itself and the full-body apparition of a maid in a hall closet.
Security guards have seen a ghost at the hotel’s pool. It could be seen on security cameras, but when a guard went to check it, he could see no one — although it still appeared on the security monitor.
The ghost of a pony-tailed little girl named Caroline has been seen skipping and singing around the fountain in the lobby.
Guests returned to their rooms only to find them locked from the inside.

Coller is joined by fellow Massachusetts resident, Sandra Champlain, author the #1 international bestselling book, ‘We Don’t Die – A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death.’ Champlain has extensively researched mediumship, psychic ability, reincarnation, remote viewing and is an expert in Electronic Voice Phenomena. Emmy Award winning videographer, Robert Lyon, filmed a documentary about Champlain titled, ‘We Don’t Die – Documenting a Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death.”

Armed with extrasensory ‘Ghost Hunting’ equipment, this daring duo, tenacious private investigator and renowned author will look for aberrations and paranormal activity March 23 – 25, 2014 inside the Roosevelt Hotel.

For more information about private investigator, Michael A. Coller, visit http://www.michaelcoller.com.

For more information about author, Sandra Champlain, visit http://www.wedontdie.com.

Lehigh Valley Thrills and Chills with Paranormal Promotion

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa (PRWEB) September 28, 2011

Just in time for Halloween, Discover Lehigh Valley is highlighting all things that go bump in the night with its “Stay & Investigate” overnight travel packages.

The region’s destination marketing organization has partnered with hotels, highly “active” sites and the paranormal investigator group P.H.E.A.R. (Paranormal Help Experiment & Activity Research) to give both ghost enthusiasts and skeptics an opportunity to investigate the historic haunts in Lehigh Valley year-round. True-life horror stories and paranormal activity can be found at Buckeye Tavern (Macungie), the Museum of Indian Culture (Allentown), Wydnor Hall Inn (Bethlehem), 1758 Sun Inn (Bethlehem) and more. A complete list of Stay & Investigate travel packages and ghost stories can be found at http://www.LehighValleyHaunt.com.

Lehigh Valley is home to a rich history that dates back to before America was even a nation,” said Michael Stershic, President of Discover Lehigh Valley. “We have centuries-old locations that are just waiting to be explored by anyone looking for a heart-pounding, ghost hunting adventure.”

For example, at Buckeye Tavern people have reported strange noises reverberating through the walls and the smell of frying bacon from the basement. The source of these occurrences has been linked to either a small girl who passed away there or an older gentleman who can be sensed throughout the premises. Listen to an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) captured by P.H.E.A.R. at the Buckeye Tavern here:


The Museum of Indian Culture is no stranger to spooky occurrences. Loud footsteps can be heard walking down the halls and stomping in the lounge doorway. Visitors have seen doors swinging back and forth and have also felt that they were being constantly watched. Listen to an EVP captured by P.H.E.A.R. at the Museum of Indian Culture here:


Haunted by the apparition of a girl thought to have drowned in nearby Black Creek River, Wyndor Hall Inn has had reports of a ghost passing through its walls. A ghost has also been seen smoking a pipe in front of the fireplace. Listen to an EVP captured by P.H.E.A.R. at Wyndor Hall Inn here:


The 1758 Sun Inn, notable for housing forefathers such as George Washington and John Adams, is filled with unexplainable apparitions. Orbs have been seen floating through the air and spirits have been spotted peering through windows. Listen to an EVP captured at the 1758 Sun Inn here:


For more information on Stay & Investigate overnight travel packages, and to enter your name for a chance to win a free haunted getaway, visit http://www.LehighValleyHaunt.com. A 60-second Stay & Investigate video can be viewed and shared HERE.

The Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania is located about one hour north of Philadelphia and less than two hours west of New York City. It is home to the three cities of Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton.

About Discover Lehigh Valley

Discover Lehigh Valley is the designated destination marketing organization of Lehigh and Northampton counties. Its mission is to promote and develop Lehigh Valley as a leisure and business travel destination. Created in 1984, Discover Lehigh Valley assists in promoting regional tourism, an industry that generates $ 1.5 billion in annual revenue and accounts for more than 22,000 jobs in Lehigh Valley. For more information on Discover Lehigh Valley and its activities or to request a Lehigh Valley Map & Guide, call 1-800-MEET-HERE, or visit the official tourism website of Lehigh Valley at http://www.DiscoverLehighValley.com.

About P.H.E.A.R.

Led by Tim Brunner, P.H.E.A.R. (Paranormal Help Experiment & Activity Research) is based in Lehigh Valley and has been investigating paranormal activity for years. The team is available to investigate your location or take groups on paranormal tours. Take a look at some of their paranormal findings at http://www.lvphear.ning.com. And remember, sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction.