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360° Video: Scary 360° Ghost Hunting Video #3!

In this 360 degree ghost hunting video from Dead Explorer, a paranormal investigator locks himself in a haunted jail and finds a spirit with a terrifying message. Using a 360° VR camera, YouTube viewers will be immersed in a thrilling 360 VR paranormal investigation. Will they experience real life paranormal activity firsthand?

YOU CAN CONTROL THE CAMERA! Use your mouse, swipe your phone, or use a VR headset to rotate the video 360 degrees! You can see the ceiling, floor, and all sides of the room! Look at the K2 when it starts lighting up! For best results, set your phone to 100% brightness and wear headphones! If possible, set the video to 4K.

In 2014 I caught an EVP recording of a ghost saying “let me out” in solitary confinement at The 1885 Gonzales County Jail. Recently, I returned to the same location in search of the spirit behind the terrifying message. Something powerful appeared to have lit my K2 all the way to the red in response to very specific questions. Is it possible that something not from this earth was protecting me from harm?

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#1 Haunted Apartment: https://youtu.be/Qaf7k0EftFs
#2 Gonzales Jail Upstairs: https://youtu.be/fVSIBbdC2Wc


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