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Amazing Intense PROOF of Life after Death – Bellaire House Validation Files

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THIS IS, IMO, 100% PROOF of an afterlife. It can NOT be disputed and those who do dispute it, well, you have no explanation for the evidence here. This is not only very profound, but flat out amazing proof with evidence captured live and at the house.

This shows we were speaking with intelligent consistent spirits at the Bellaire House, as we captured them on various devices and apps. LIVE with a group who heard these replies.

This is amazing validations of not only the spirits in the Bellaire House, but the afterlife in general.

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True Scary Story! A Real Life Curse! | Dead Explorer #71

True Scary Story: A Real Life Curse! As a paranormal investigator I often get asked if I am worried about something evil attaching itself to me after an investigation. Till now I have not shared this story publicly. I do believe I had a true brush with evil. In fact, I believe I was the victim of a real life curse. This is my story.

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Yes, There is Life After Death! Evidence of Life After Death Presented at Conference

Reno, NV (PRWEB) April 15, 2004

Will you survive after the death of your body? Is there any way to know the answer to this question with any certainty? According to people who study Electronic Voice Phenomena, or “EVP,” the answer to both of these questions is a definite “Yes!”

The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP), Co-directed by Tom and Lisa Butler, is an organization that is dedicated to the study and documentation of spirit activity. The group will host its first annual conference in Reno, Nevada, from June 3rd through the 6th titled, “Communicating with the Other Side.” Tom Butler says, “The conference is designed for anyone who has an interest in evidence for post mortem survival and in learning more about communicating with the Other Side.” The conference includes three days of lectures and workshops, conducted by well known EVP and Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) researchers who will help attendees learn how to record the voices and images of spirits. Tom continues, “There will be numerous examples presented and attendees will be given ample opportunity to record spirits voices for themselves. Attendees will also learn how to develop their own psychic ability and will have the opportunity to hear about some very intriguing paranormal investigations.”

The conference is being conducted in a building that is known to be haunted by at least three entities. Lisa Butler explains, “It has been reported on several occasions that one spirit walks through guest rooms wearing a top hat and tails. This location is ideal for people who are learning to record EVP, since it has been shown that it is easier to record EVP in buildings that are known to be haunted.”

About EVP:

EVP are voices found in recording media that cannot be explained with known physical principles. People who study EVP have come to the conclusion that the voices are from people who have physically “died” and who now “live” in what is commonly known as “the Other Side.” EVP is considered the most convincing evidence that is gathered by paranormal researchers in proving that people survive beyond physical death. One of the reasons for this is that it is so easy for people to learn to record the phenomenal voices and prove to themselves that they will survive. In fact, many EVP experimenters have reported making contact with loved ones on the Other Side. EVP can be obtained by any device that records audio and conference workshops will teach people recording techniques and how to listen for spirit voices.

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit the AA-EVP web site at: http://aaevp.com/conferences/aaevp_conference.htm. Or contact Tom and Lisa Butler at 775-329-5980, or via email at: aaevp@aol.com. Space is limited, so attendees should register early!

A Christian Rebuttal to Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo’s There’s More to Life Than This (English Edition)

A Christian Rebuttal to Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo's There's More to Life Than This (English Edition)

A Christian Rebuttal to Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo's There's More to Life Than This by Robert Alan King is a book with over 16,800 words. This rebuttal is about the claims concerning Caputo's supposed spiritual experiences along with the false theological concepts that the book is proclaiming to the world as truth. It examines the details of her many assertions and her teachings in light of God's revealed word in the Bible. It also takes a serious look at Caputo's declaration that she has Theresa Caputo