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Source: THE “GHOST BOX” FRAUD | ocprstoronto

Paranormal Researchers have always adopted various technologies to conduct investigations. In recent years, a controversial technology that has gained popularity among paranormal researchers is the “Ghost Box,” created by Frank Sumption in 2002. Before anyone can appreciate what a “Ghost Box” is or how it works, it is worth exploring some other recording devices that have been used to record the voices of “spirits.” What may become apparent to most people is how some technologies have been used to promote the belief in paranormal activity rather than provide any legitimacy.

There have been various technologies used to record the voices or sounds of “spirits” since the dawn of the 20th century. The earliest such recording, albeit unintentional, was made by anthropologist, Waldemar Bogoras (b.1865 – d. 1936) in 1901. Using a phonograph to record the languages, songs, and beliefs of various indigenous tribes in Siberia, Bogoras recorded something unexpected. It was during the recording of a ritual performed by a Chuckchee shaman that Bogoras also recorded unexplained voices, which spoke in English and Russian. According to some sources, the Minnesota State University continues to maintain and study the recording. Despite examinations by physicist, the recording remains unexplainable. Bogoras’ recording is not only the earliest, but is the most credible and fascinating piece of evidence considered to be paranormal.

There was nothing extraordinary about the phonograph used by Waldemar Bogoras. The phonograph recorded and reproduced sounds mechanically. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that electrical recordings revolutionized the recording industry. Experimentation with electronic communication with the spirits of the dead continued, but it wasn’t until people like Konstantin Raudive (b. 1909 – d. 1974) made numerous and successful electronic recordings. One method developed by Raudive was to record from a radio not tuned to any working broadcast – otherwise known as “white noise.” Electronic recordings of spirit voices gained much popularity as a result of people like Konstantin Raudive.

Eventually, electronic recordings of “spirit” voices – as a technological application for paranormal research – came to be known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP. The term was introduced during the 1970’s by a publishing company, Colin Smythe Ltd. The ways in which EVP is used by paranormal investigators varies, and some have even attempted to improve upon these techniques by improving the technology. Why EVP is so popular among paranormal researchers is largely due to how recording devices can be used as a means to obtain evidence. However, some paranormal researchers use EVP as a mediumistic technique.

In 2002, a man named Frank Sumption introduced a new technological application to paranormal research called, Frank’s Box – otherwise known as the Ghost Box. Ironically thought to have been invented for the purpose of speaking with “spirits,” Frank Sumption didn’t create the device for such a specific purpose, but includes Extraterrestrials, and other disembodied “intelligences.” Why it is called a “Ghost Box” is due to its popularity among ghost hunters who use it strictly to communicate with the spirits of the dead. It is supposedly capable of communication with “spirits” whereby the living can receive immediate responses, rather than have to review the recording at a later time. How does the Ghost Box work? Here is a non-technical summary:  The Ghost Box utilizes what is thought to be “white noise” – as mentioned above with Konstantin Raudive –  along with an AM (Amplitude Modulation) radio receiver, from which the radio amplitudes (or channels) are quickly swept through, back and forth like a scan. When questions are asked, it is thought that these sweeps across the various AM channels provide an electronic voice for spirits/extraterrestrials, who can then answer the living. In other words, the Ghost Box provides real-time communication with the spirits of the dead or extraterrestrial intelligences. Sounds scientific? Not at all and here is why.

Frank Sumption claims to have received the designs for his EVP device from a disembodied voice, of which he is not entirely clear about. This doesn’t necessarily discredit him, but does raise issues about the credibility of his technological application. As for the Ghost Box itself, there is a completely rational explanation for how it works, and why people believe they are speaking with the spirits of the dead or extraterrestrial intelligences. Here is a brief explanation for how the Ghost Box actually works: By using a repetitive scan of AM radio channels, a combination of broadcasts and static noise will occur. This is similar to turning the radio dial on your car stereo system quickly. What will be heard, are a combination of stations broadcasting music, commercials, news, talk shows, and some static noise. These ongoing broadcasts communicate names, places, times, dates, and numbers, and other wordings. When the Ghost Box is used, typical questions are asked, such as, “What is your name?” or “Where are you from?” or “How did you die?” and so on. As the Ghost Box scans through these AM channels it will produce jumbled names, places, and numbers etc. that are commonly broadcast. This is not even “white noise” from which the so-called spirits of the dead or extraterrestrial intelligences speak through. It is merely the broadcasted signals providing the words as they are quickly scanned. Many supporters of the Ghost Box argue that the answers they receive are not random, but are very specific responses to their questions. To explain why this occurs, a few rational explanations can be provided through psychology.

There are a few things people need to consider when using a Ghost Box. In doing so, the so-called responses obtained from the Ghost Box will be better understood. According to psychologists, there is a phenomenon called Pareidolia. It is defined as a type of misperception involving an obscure stimulus (an image or sound), which is perceived as something clear and distinct. This is a common phenomenon in EVP analysis. If this phenomenon is applied to the Ghost Box, it becomes obvious that the responses provided through it are given a greater sense of attention. However, this does not address the argument made that the Ghost Box provides specific responses to questions asked. An explanation for this involves Subjective Validation/Personal Validation Effect, whereby a person will accept a statement or other wording to be correct, or valid. In other words, when a person asks a question during the use of a Ghost Box, they will be paying attention to words reflecting an anticipated response. Any other information that is scanned throughout the AM channels will be ignored. What the Ghost Box amounts to is a condition of cognitive bias!

The Ghost Box is not owed to coincidence alone. This is not what is being suggested here. Instead, something familiar is occurring here in regards to other paranormal hoaxes and frauds that have been documented. In a similar fashion to mediums using Cold Readings, the Ghost Box provides responses that match or are relevant to anticipated answers or statements. What this amounts to is a technique of spiritual deception. Frank Sumption has provided the Ghost Box to various individuals who have used it for such a deceptive purpose. According to various reports, Frank Sumption has made only a few of these special boxes, and only for certain people. These recipients only receive a Ghost Box on the instructions of “spirits” given to Frank Sumption. Again, according to various reports, one such recipient is a man named Chris Moon, who uses the Ghost Box to charge people money in exchange for communication with their recently departed loved ones. This is no different from the techniques used by modern Spiritualists, who exploit grieving people for money.

Despite the rational explanations offered here in this article, the supporters of the Ghost Box argue that it is a scientific device capable of obtaining messages from beyond the grave. Since the Ghost Box is regarded as a form of EVP technology, the supernatural theory is that the spirits of the dead are made-up of energy. It is for this reason that many believe that ghosts can also be detected through EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) detectors. To continue, since EVP is based on electrical signals, ghosts can influence or manipulate electronic devices such as telephones, radios, audio recorders etc. Although EVP is not being questioned here in this article, the Ghost Box is, especially based on the supernatural theory just described here. Previously explored above, Waldemar Bogoras’ unintentional recording of disembodied voices had nothing to do with electronics or electrical energy. His recording was mechanical. It cannot be considered an EVP because it is not electronic/electrical. The OCPRS theory is that perhaps any recording device can be manipulated by demonic entities. For that matter, any object can be manipulated to convince humanity that there is power in objects, enabling people to use those powers in some way. This is not what the promoters of the Ghost Box believe, and naturally, no one expects them to. Technology has become a mask for which unsubstantiated beliefs are sheltered by unscrupulous paranormal practitioners.

Science is once again misapplied to technological applications in the field of paranormal investigations. There are, of course, credible paranormal researchers – who, being objective – are putting the Ghost Box to the test. Perhaps with their testimonies and experiments, further conclusions can be made about the Ghost Box in an objective fashion. However, the OCPRS, Toronto Canada does not accept the explanations or the “science” behind the so-called Ghost Box. In light of the psychological and rational explanations, and how the Ghost Box is being used to exploit people, it is most likely a fake; a FRAUD! All the Ghost Box



Friedrich Jürgenson

Konstantin Raudive

Der Begriff “Tonbandstimmen” geht auf den schwedischen Kunstmaler und Opernsänger Friedrich Jürgenson zurück, der im Jahr 1959 mit seinem Tonbandgerät Aufnahmen von Vogelstimmen anfertigte und nach mehrmaligem Anhören der Bänder glaubte, neben den Vögeln auch Stimmen zu hören, welche ihn persönlich ansprachen (“Friedrich, du wirst beobachtet”) und Dinge sagten, von denen angeblich nur er selbst wissen konnte. Er widmete sich seit dieser Erfahrung völlig der Erforschung dieses Phänomens. Im Jahr 1967 veröffentlichte er sein Buch Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen und machte damit auch den Begriff “Stimmen aus dem Jenseits” publik. Das Parapsychologische Institut der Universität Freiburg unter der Leitung von Hans Bender untersuchte in Zusammenarbeit mit Jürgenson in den Jahren 1964 und 1970 seine Behauptungen.

Auch der lettische Schriftsteller Konstantin Raudive (1909-1974) beschäftigte sich lange Zeit mit den Tonbandstimmen. 1968 erschien sein Buch Unhörbares wird hörbar. Wie Jürgenson war Raudive bestrebt, das Phänomen zu beweisen.

Der Begriff “Tonbandstimmen” entstammt somit einer Zeit, in der entsprechende Schallaufzeichnungen nur mit Tonbandgeräten hergestellt werden konnten. Der Begriff wurde beibehalten, obwohl derartige Aufzeichnungen heute meist mit anderen Mitteln (PC) gemacht werden. Der Physiker Ernst Senkowski (geb. 1922) prägte die allgemeinere Bezeichnung “instrumentelle Transkommunikation”.


Transkontakte mit Hans Bender – 08.03. – 09.06.1994

Telefonkontakt mit Konstantin Raudive am 19.05.1994

Am Morgen des 19.05.1994, vor der geplanten SAT1-Sendung fand Homes in seinem Computer eine kurze Mitteilung, in der die Gegenseite für den Abend einen Kontaktversuch im TV-Studio in Köln ankündigte. Dieser Versuch blieb erfolglos. Allerdings gab es am folgenden Tag bei mehreren Personen – auch bei Homes – Telefonkontakte, in denen sich eine Stimme unter dem Namen Raudive mit folgender Durchsage meldete:

Konstantin Raudive: Wir die Gruppen Kleeblatt, Centrale und Zeitstrom haben die Verpflichtung, ihnen eine Erklärung zu geben zu dem Zwischenfall, der sich ihrer Zeitrechnung nach gestern abend Nacht ereignet hat und der von vielen Millionen Zuschauern im deutschsprachigen Raum beobachtet werden konnte. Wir können nicht oft genug betonen, dass ein harmonisches, ethisch-moralisches sauberes Kontaktfeld als erste Voraussetzung für das Zustandekommen der Transkontakte erforderlich ist, (dies wurde ihnen) bereits mehrere Male mitgeteilt. Wer dennoch den Höhenflug des Sich-zur-Schaustellens einer seriösen und artgerechten Präsentation der TK vorzieht und nur auf das vordergründige Sensationelle spekuliert, (der) darf sich nicht wundern, wenn er der Sache an sich unermesslichen Schaden zufügt. (Auch) wenn in diesem gegebenen Fall die Absicht von Kollege Senkowski und ihnen, Freund Homes, im Kern unschuldig zu betrachten ist, müssen wir, die sie als ihre Transpartner bezeichnen, darauf hinweisen, dass das für alle Teilnehmenden unbefriedigende Ergebnis völlig klar abzuschätzen und vorauszusehen war.

Homes. ja, ja…

Konstantin Raudive: Es freut mich, dass Sie die Meinung teilen. Wer Kontakte in der Öffentlichkeit in dieser Art und Weise erzwingen will, sollte sich bewusst sein, dass dies der falsche eingeschlagenen Weg ist. Freund Homes, hüten sie sich vor falschen Freunden, hüten sie sich vor der Reaktion der Massenmedien. Hier war Konstantin Raudive – diese Mitteilung wurde an mehrere Stationen gleichzeitig durchgegeben.

Voices of the Dead

Konstantin Raudive
The Buteyko Process was created in the 50’s simply by Ruskies medical doctor Konstantin Buteyko. The approach have been practised through hundreds of thousands of babies along with adults for a selection of conditions which includes oral cavity inhaling, crecen nausea, blocked nostril, loud snoring, slumber apnoea, symptoms of asthma, blood pressure levels, anxiousness, anxiety, panic attacks as well as depressive disorder.

Being a youthful doctor, Buteyko invested almost a year seated from sick patients’ bedsides seeing their declares involving wellbeing. He realized that each person’s breathing received bulkier while his / her health deteriorated. His or her illnesses advanced, he or she observed that their patients breathing in actions off their boxes as well as bellies elevated, that their inhaling became much more audible, in which their own breathing grew to become more rapidly and they sighed many breathed by way of their jaws. With time, he or she could anticipate your oncoming of passing away just by noticing their particular breathing in.

This kind of raised a simple query with regard to Buteyko: had been the idea the patients’ sickness in which offered thus to their large inhaling and exhaling or even was that his or her hefty inhaling that contributed with their sickness?

At that time, Buteyko endured serious hypertension which was planning via poor to be able to more serious. He started playing through breathing in less and also quietening his inhaling and exhaling. Inside a quick whilst, the particular discomfort which he acquired knowledgeable pertaining to months proceeded to go apart.

On the next years, Buteyko extensively reviewed this specific topic together an avid laboratory to increase their results. Their technique had been brought to the actual Western throughout 1990 and it is right now educated in several nations.

Inhaling and exhaling, a real essential component for lifetime, need to fulfill specific ailments. Serious overbreathing may be dangerous in the event that continual over a short period. As a result, it can be plausible to just accept that unfavorable health results will certainly derive from much less serious but nevertheless too much breathing more than an any period of time.

Chronic overbreathing generally means that we all constantly take in air far more air than the body call for. In many ways, that is comparable to a person creating the habit involving overindulging.

Inhaling is comparable. In case all of us inhale a lot more than what your body need more than a 24-hour period of time, the habit of smoking will take hold. Doctor Stephen Demeter confirms this specific while this individual states, “Prolonged hyperventilation (for over A day) usually sensitize the brain, bringing about a continuous hyperventilation.Inch

Breathing in increases due to modern day residing. Aspects for example robust emotions, stress, rage, anxiety, pigging out, highly processed meals, a new belief which getting huge breathing is an useful one, insufficient physical exercise, extreme chatting and also high temps from the home almost all bring about overbreathing.

At this point, it may seem that your child does not overbreathe. For most young children, overbreathing will be understated. It’s invisible, which explains why would seem impossible to goes undetected. The standard features participating in my own clinics incorporate:

. Breathing in with the jaws;
. Hearable breathing throughout remainder;
. Regular sighs;
. Standard sniffing at;
. Irregular inhaling;
. Having of the air (apnoea);
. Taking significant breathing just before discussing;
. Yawning with major breaths;
. Upper torso movement;
. Movements associated with shoulder blades although breathing in;
. Lot of obvious motion;
. Effortful inhaling;
. Hefty breathing in through the night.

The number of apply to your youngster? Can your kids sigh? Can your child inhale via their own mouth area? Would they wake with a dried up jaws every day?

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