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Water ITC Instrumental Transcommunication Spirit Images inc 1 Video Feedback Loop Image

A collection of previously lost images from water ITC sessions I carried out between 2009 and 2016. There is also an image from Video Feedback Loop ITC.

In order to avoid pareidolia/matrixing as much as I could, I only viewed each frame of the ITC session recording on video editing software for three seconds at a time. If I spotted an image within three seconds I saved the frame then trimmed the image from the frame.

Credit: Music by Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com – released under Creative Commons License 3.0. http://audionautix.com

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The Most Amazing Spirit Communication Evidence Ever. Yea, really.

The Most Amazing Spirit Communication Evidence Ever. Yea, really.
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Here is a compilation for Halloween 2014 that I put together to showcase various ITC (spirit communication) methods where spirits do indeed let themselves be heard..clearly..and even be seen.

This is some of my favorite evidence I have captured over the years and some of the most clear from EVP to Ghost Box to Echovox to the GB-1 Box App to SLS Camera to Spirit Photos.

What you see in this video is 100% authentic, real, and yes, spirits are everywhere and they are real and yes, they can be heard and they can interact with us.

It has taken me years to get to this level of spirit communication and that required dedication, meditation, love, light, respect and lots of learning what they like and do not like me to do.

I am now trusted in the spirit world and am what I call a “spirit magnet”.

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Happy Halloween!
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