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Images et messages de l’au-delà  : La transcommunication

Images et messages de l'au-delà  : La transcommunication

R240110312. IMAGES ET MESSAGES DE L'AU-DELA - LA TRANSCOMMUNICATION. 1997. In-8. Relié toilé. Bon état, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. 225 pages - quelques photos noir et blanc dans et hors texte - jaquette en bon état général. . . . Classification Dewey : 133.8-Phénomènes parapsychiques Transcommunication


Have i Caught my First Ever ghost aperation on Camera.??

Check this out it was on one of the orb pictures and i did not see it until i doubled checked for orbs.

This has in no way been added or edited in any way i am not graphic designer or artist. Honest Nothing fake here..

Please check and see what you think what i am seeing is real, coz if it is real it is my first ever ghost aperation ever, and would make my day/month and year if this is real and not just a tree or something..

i just uploaded to Tinypic and it asked me to enter a word to upload image and it said First contact… how strange can that be.?

Images can be downloaded here.

Unmarked Picture.

Picture with added Text.

Please let me know what you think, have i caught my first ever ghostly Full Body aperation.?? Though i never saw it with my own eyes i did get it on camera while looking for orbs.

If i had seen it with my own eye i probably would of dropped my phone, and cameras, and ran home as fast as i could as i was doing EVPs and picture taking on my own,.,
hope he didnt follow me home.. ? lol

If you still have Doubts i can show you the location,Street ect for yourself, i have no grabbed this picture from any website or gallery, this is a picture i took myself,on my camera.HONEST.

All my ORB And Ghostly Man RAW Pictures are available to download here,aqs requested the RAW images. Taken from my POWERSHOT A810 HD Camera. Slow at taking pictures with Flash but images are kinda ok for 16 mega pixels..