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How to prepare yourself for spirit communication

How to prepare yourself for spirit communication
A short video “talk” on things you can do to elevate your spirit communication experiences. These are the things that have worked for me, and my own theories after extensive work in this field.

What I say in this video is basically what I have been saying since day one. That A: We have no way of proving what it is we communicate with. B: We have no way of knowing what it is we are communicating with and we can only judge by the experiences we have. and C: It is all 100% real and once you elevate yourself up and open your mind, it is very easy to communicate in many ways.

I feel what comes through are spirits 100%. Lost, earthbound spirits. NOT demons. Same thing I have said all along. But can I prove that is who comes through? NO. No one can.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Spirit communication

The SCD-1 Files: They tell me “We are Ghosts”, hear it

The SCD-1 sessions continue. This tool is the most powerful tool/device on the market, hands down for spirit communication. My videos show this as do hundreds of others who are using the app worldwide and sharing their enthusiasm and evidence with it.

This is 100% real, 100% communication, and anyone can do the same using this SCD-1 App.

Full info on the app with a Q&A, what it does, how it does it and a video explaining EVERYTHING can be seen at the link below:


You can buy the SCD-1, instantly, anywhere in the world via download at:


I also urge you to watch teh last 8-10 videos on this channel before this one for some tear jerking and amazing evidence using this SCD-1. Also, on my website I have many user videos and reviews – This is a new era in spirit communication and is NOT a joke. It is a major breakthrough and I am proud to be a part of it.

The Huff Paranormal SCD-1 developed by Steve Huff and Anthony Sanchez from Ghosthunterapps.com.

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