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Destiny – House of Wolves DLC Dead Ghost Locations Guide – Ghost Hunter Achievement/Trophy

Destiny - House of Wolves DLC Dead Ghost Locations Guide - Ghost Hunter Achievement/Trophy
Destiny – House of Wolves DLC Dead Ghost/Ghosts Collectibles Locations Guide – Ghost Hunter Achievement/Trophy Guide

Destiny Playlist:


[0:10] – Earth – Cosmodrome – The Silent Fang
[0:54] – Earth – King’s Watch – The Ruling House
[1:30] – Earth – King’s Watch – The Ruling House
[2:18] – Venus – The Terminus – Queen’s Ransom
[2:49] – Venus – The Terminus – Queen’s Ransom
[3:21] – Venus – The Terminus – Queen’s Ransom
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haunted house – Geisterhaus – Spukhaus in Glauchau, Sachsen (Geisterfrau Glauchau) Gespensterweb

haunted house - Geisterhaus - Spukhaus in Glauchau, Sachsen (Geisterfrau Glauchau) Gespensterweb

Ein Rundgang durch das Geisterhaus Glauchau in Sachsen.
Dort wurde eine Geisterfrau gesichtet.

Adresse: Am Graben 1, 08371 Glauchau

Google: “Geisterfrau Glauchau”
Forenlink: http://www.gespensterweb.de/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=8870&page=1

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jenseitskontakt sachsen

Ghost Hunter Claims 100% Proof of Paranormal Activity at Sallie House of KS

Atchison, KS (PRWEB) October 18, 2014

Known as the most haunted house in America, the Sallie House has been widely reported to be a center for paranormal activity. After investigating the house several times from 2010-2013 and being face to face with extreme paranormal and demonic activity, Tim Wood, LiveSciFi.tv creator and lead ghost hunter, decided to visit the house again this Halloween season. This weekend, he will be back at the haunted house practicing his unique brand of live ghost hunting and offering a stream of the ghost hunt online for all to see. While performing his extreme paranormal investigation techniques, Wood will be cataloging any new conclusive evidence or sightings that occur in order to be featured alongside the proof of paranormal activity he encountered during his previous stay. Tim will be conducting a Ouija board session at some of the paranormal epicenters in the house as well as conducting ghost box and EVP sessions. Any Paranormal Evidence he uncovers will be posted as paranormal clips on the LiveSciFi paranormal YouTube channel.

About LiveSciFi.tv:

Created by Tim Wood, the LiveSciFi ghost hunting team is known for conducting more extreme investigations than your average cable TV show. Their show has streamed on Yahoo!, YouTube, UStream, and Justin.tv, where they routinely smash online records for views and minutes-watched-per-viewer.

Company information:

Specializing in feature films, TV, high-end webisodes, and LIVE online streaming production, One World Studios Ltd. is an independent film company on the cutting edge of transmedia and cross-media storytelling, movie distribution, film and video production. OWS has been a fully independent distribution and production company since 2002. Credits include biker movie classic Choppertown: the Sinners, Ouija Movie I Am ZoZo about the ZoZo demon, and LiveSciFi, a premium live online ghost hunter show.


Very disturbing Real poltergeist activity caught on tape/camera at one of the most haunted house in the world. A truly scary experience where we capture paranormal activity.

Beware it’s a very scary video and what you’re going to watch is a real ghost investigation by real ghost hunters. nothing on this video is fake and it’s not created for entertainment purposes. The two ghost hunters are named Ahmed and Glen. We have been investigating for 11 years now and caught some of the best paranormal activity on youtube. What we have caught will shock you.

What are poltergeists

In our paranormal investigations, we have experienced real life Poltergeist activity on camera, if you have time and are extremely interested in the paranormal, please watch some of our episodes as we have some incredible paranormal evidence.
In folklore and paranormal studies, a poltergeist phenomenon alludes to the apparent yet unexplained manifestation of multiple force reactions caused by a seemingly invisible entity. Most accounts of poltergeist manifestations involve such force being triggered at objects, usually household (destruction and relocation of furniture, levitation of cutlery, knocking on the doors), although some seem to describe accompanying hallucinations, as well as physical attacks on human witnesses. Such actions can include pinching, biting, hitting and tripping the victim, or producing sentient noises (moaning, laughing, talking etc.) without clear source.
Poltergeists occupy numerous niches in cultural folklore, and have traditionally been described as troublesome spirits who, unlike ghosts, haunt a particular person instead of a specific location. Such alleged poltergeist manifestations have been reported in many cultures and countries including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and most European nations. The earliest recorded cases date back to the 1st century.
The word poltergeist comes from the German words poltern (“to make sound”) and Geist (“ghost”), and the term itself roughly translates as “noisy ghost” or “noise-ghost”.
Most reports of poltergeist manifestations involve noises and destruction that have no immediate or verifiable cause. Situations include inanimate objects being picked up and thrown; noises such as knocking, rapping, or even human voices; and physical attacks on human beings, such as pinching, biting, and hitting.
Single poltergeist cases often range in duration from a few hours to several months.

Our video explaining more of what poltergeist actually are


Some of our playlist of our ghost investigations containing some of the best paranormal evidence we have caught during our ghost hunts.

Paranormal activity caught on tape

Most haunted places in the world

Ghost hunting episodes

Possession and possessed videos

Ghost box evp responses


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OMG Real Poltergeist Activity Caught on Camera & Real Scary paranormal activity at one of the most haunted hotel.

Thank You for watching
Dorset Ghost Investigators
Glen and Ahmed.

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Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)”.
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