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Live kitchen Even tonight: 11pm till 2am: IS it Haunted or just Active.??

Live kitchen Even tonight: 11pm till 2am:

Anyone Moaning or Groaning that they fill Sick or fill very Negative energies from my place, my streams will be warned and put on a 5 minute time out ,if they still complain i will block these people as i have had enough of people saying i am giving out negative energies. You come to this stream at you own Choice i can not promise what you will fill is Good or Bad energies, so be Warned.If you fill your being effected in any way PLEASE LEAVE the Stream.

Ghost Hunter Finds Human Skeleton Inside Haunted Funeral Home

Ghost Hunter Finds Human Skeleton Inside Haunted Funeral Home
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IPRAstrong presents “Fear Training”! David and John will separate for each investigation in this series and investigate a haunted location….completely alone!

In this episode, our EVP Analyst, Marcia Mack, investigates the old haunted Blackburn Funeral Home located in Joliet, Illinois. During her solitary investigation, Marcia hears strange noises and records a few awesome EVPs or “electronic voice phenomena”. She also discovers a human skeleton in the attic.

TRIVIA: The skeleton in the attic has been confirmed by it’s owner to be a real human skeleton. We are working to get more information on the history of it.


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