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When there’s Something Strange in the Neighborhood, Paranormal Investigators No Longer Worry about Who they’re Going to Call

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) June 01, 2012

For decades pop culture and folklore have generated stories relating to paranormal phenomena which helped cultivate generations of explorers investigating ghostly activity. With the latest update to Excelltech’s Paranormal Recorder, the hunt for communication from apparitions is as close as your smartphone.

According to developer Ed Williams, paranormal phenomenon is most often reported with abnormal electromagnetic fields. “The Paranormal Recorder uses raw, magnetic data from the device’s digital compass to trigger audio recording,” he said. “The electronic voice phenomenons, or EVPs, are caused by electromagnetic fluctuations, which reflect paranormal forces that occur during these communications.”

Originally released in March of 2009, Paranormal Recorder only records audio when the electromagnetic fields around the device fall outside normal limits. Just as a motion activated light helps detect possible intruders, the electromagnetic activator recorder helps the paranormal investigator detect a ghostly visitor. An entire night’s worth of recording can be reduced to a dozen minutes of audio that had high electromagnetic fluctuations associated with it.

Since the April 2011 release of version 3.11, users of Paranormal Recorder have uploaded more than 1200 possible EVP samples to the audio sharing SoundCloud. With the recent release of version 4.0 investigators and skeptics alike can further discuss paranormal issues on the apps Facebook page. “Paranormal Recorder gives ghosts the opportunity to communicate with the people on this side,” said Williams. “The data can be captured and downloaded for further analysis, bringing communication with the other side into the palm of your hand. You might say this app puts your finger on the pulse of paranormal activity.”

All you need is a device with the iPhone Operating System 4.0 or later and $ 2.99 to start downloading the next best thing to being there! Paranormal Recorder 3.11 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

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