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Spirits, Ghosts, Demons SPEAKING CLEARLY. AMAZING and 100% REAL.

Just a compilation I whipped up with some cool ITC spirit clips captured over the past year or so during my communication sessions. ALL 100% REAL, ALL 100% LEGIT. Using the latest and greatest tech to reach into the spirit world. The tools I use are the best in the world today and together with dedication, meditation, technique and a 100% open mind, anyone can do this.

I have been doing this for 6-7 years and do this almost on a daily basis. See much more by subscribing to this channel and checking out my facebook page with nearly 140k Fans.


100K fans here, 140K at facebook… this is starting to get noticed and I LOVE IT as this is something that needs to be RESEARCHED and shown that YES, we CAN talk with something of intelligence and get answers back. They see us, feel us and hear us. They say they are made of energy and spirits – they speak of demons, evil, angels and light. They want help to cross. It’s an amazing thing.

Look for the “FINDING THE LIGHT” Documentary in 2016. It has been shot and is in the middle of editing NOW.