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Ghost Hunt at Ohio State Reformatory: The Unseen Footage #1

New! Unseen ghost hunting footage from our 2016 paranormal investigation at the haunted Ohio State Reformatory!

Ohio State Reformatory has a long history as one of the most haunted places in the world. Staff reports creepy shadow people, full body ghost apparitions, and scary interactions. It is also the old prison where the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” was filmed. Determined to capture this reported paranormal activity on tape, Niki and Rob from LiveParanormal and Alejandro, The Dead Explorer, decided to film this special documentary.

This is a never before seen video of special two channel ghost hunt at Ohio State Reformatory. Parts 1 and Parts 2 premiered in 2016.

In this video we interact with an old spirit in solitary confinement. It premiered on the LiveParanormal YouTube channel. Watch ► https://youtu.be/HV88dq-BwAg

In this video we caught a camera move and paranormal activity in the jail cells. Watch ► https://youtu.be/2ePM1U2VxH4

DEAD EXPLORER is the web series for those who love the paranormal! Paranormal videos throughout the week and ghost hunting videos premiere Saturdays.

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Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt

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