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Ghost Hunting With The Only Way Is Essex 2015

Ghost Hunting With The Only Way Is Essex 2015
Ghost hunter extraordinaire Yvette Fielding has her work cut out when she takes six members of the hit TV series, ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, to some truly terrifying locations, remotely situated in deepest Essex. Mark, Arge, Joey, Harry, Amy and Sam are thrown into a ghostly world that will give them nightmares for the rest of their lives and there’s not a vajazzle in sight!

Yvette and these plucky ghost hunters investigate the sprawling, Coal House Forte, a warren of dark foreboding tunnels and rooms that house the darkest of entities. Poltergeist activity is rife along with the ghosts of women, children and soldiers; this location is a place many fear to tread. Yvette’s guests are fearful to begin with but when they are witness to an evil entity that is determined to physically harm them; our much tanned stars turn a lighter shade of pale.

Taken away from their usual life of glamour and pampering how will they cope? What will they discover? Will any of them be brave enough to venture off on their own? And will the whole team be able to make it through the night?

With six animated characters and, Yvette using her expert ghost hunting skills, will any of the team be able to look at things in the same way ever again? Laughs, screams and frights galore in this chilling Ghost Hunting Special!
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