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Paranormal Investigators Capture Valentown Apparition

Leicester, NY (PRWEB) June 8, 2006

In April, the Valentown Historical society in Vistor NY asked Western New York Paranormal to come and conduct a complete investigation of their historical site.The site is New York State’s only self enclosed ghost town built early in the 1800’s. The team captured more than what they had expected.

“It seemed like a very routine investigation” explained Dwayne Claud of Western New York Paranormal. He continued to state that “our team went in, set up cameras in aeas where our psychics felt there may be activity and then started taking photographs and recording evp’s (electronic voice phenomenon).” These are common techniques for gathering scientific data at haunted locations.

“I felt the presence of a man in the area called the Grange” stated Sarah Higgins, a sensitive with Western New York Paranormal. She felt one of the oddities about this person was that he had suffered some type of leg injury, but not certain from what. “Imagine my surprise when Dwayne showed me the video footage” she said.

The hard wired digital camera captured a misty figure in the shape of a man. Estimated at around five foot tall, walking in the room with a limp. “It’s almost like he’s walking with a cane” explained researcher Sandra Heglund of Western New York Paranormal. “What makes this footage so impressive is the transparency of the figure. We’ve shown it to several video experts including a television station who can’t explain it” she said. Claud explains jokingly “our cameras don’t have x-ray vision so I don’t know how this thing can be transparent.”

The ghost town of Valentown located in Victor New York has had legends through the years of being haunted. Recently, the building has been opened up to paranormal investigations by the curators. Western New York Paranormal is the third such team to have conducted professional investigations in the building. And the only one to gather such stunning evidence in addition to unexplained voices and the photograph of a shadow figure in the building. “We can’t say for certain the video is of a ghost but we can say for certain it’s not a solid person. People need to decide for themselves” explains Claud.


Possession: A Real Danger in the Paranormal

Leicester, NY (PRWEB) August 28, 2005

As God gave mankind free will, He placed them above the Angels and the demonic.

For as long as mankind has faith in Him, God would protect them from all others not of man. It is this freedom and favor that He gave which breeds the hatred the fallen angels have against mankind. Through time itself, Lucifer has developed a diabolic strategy to dishonor mankind and allow his legions to breathe the breath of life. It begins with slow infestation and building of power, oppressing the victim, and finally possessing the victim.

Possession gained public awareness in the 1973 release of the film The Exorcist. Though based upon a true story, this film fell to the glamorization of Hollywood. The possession portrayed in the film was that of a “perfect possession” which is very rare. In most instances, the victim and the entity often struggle for control portraying what may look like schizophrenic symptoms. Once the oppression phase has come near its end, the victim will often give up the fight against the powers that are there, feeling hopelessness or through a false promise of relief from the entities. Once the victim opens those doors, the diabolic entity enters their body and begins the possession process – something that can only be done through invitation, either purposely or by accident.

There was a woman who lost her only son when he was just 20 years of age to a drunk driver. This woman, that we’ll call Joan, was so devastated over the loss of her son that she longed to remain in contact with him. One day, her sister gave her a book that discussed the concept of using electronic voice phenomenon to speak with the dead. Joan devoted herself to this book and would frequent the cemetery where her son was laid to rest, attempting to establish a link to her son using nothing more than a tape recorder.

She did achieve some limited success in contacting what appeared to be her son – but also her pain and sorrow drew the attention of something much more dark and sinister from the graveyard. Soon, using electronic communications was not enough for Joan, so she turned to the use of a Ouija board. Joan established contact with something that claimed to be her son. It shared knowledge with her that only her son should know, and even began to predict events accurately.

The board soon became an infatuation with Joan. She used it more and more, and eventually began to use the board alone. This initial interest of communicating with her son lead to five years of torment and terror, as demonic entities entered into her life. Friends began to notice changes in Joan. She began to spend more time alone. Her emotions became more negative towards others and herself. Her sleep became difficult. It became riddled with intense nightmares of her son’s death, tainted by unknown entities. Joan began to hear voices and see figures moving about her home. She began to experience bruises and scratches she couldn’t explain, and a feeling of something inside her head that she couldn’t control. Joan was experiencing a partial possession.

Not all circumstances follow the course of first infestation and then oppression before a possession is attempted by an entity. In some cases, the demonic have infested a property such a long time that all they need is an “open door” to a potential victim for a possession attempt to take place. An “open door” is a weakness in a person that an entity can slip through into a person, or in some instances all it takes is a very powerful sensitive who is “open” to all that is in a location.

An investigation was held at a location known to be infested with the demonic, and a small team went in with the goal of cleansing the location. Within a matter of thirty minutes, the sensitive of the group began to feel her face distort by itself. She noticed that she began to hear herself mutter obscenities, curses and threats to other team members. It became apparent to this experienced sensitive what was going on so she removed herself from that situation before it went too far. But within minutes of that experience, another team member’s demeanor changed completely. Normally a very outspoken, confident individual, he began to mumble his words and not show clear thought. This gentleman was removed from the environment before the situation went too far. In essence, this team was infiltrated in a matter of minutes, not months or years, because the environmental circumstances were just right.

Possession contains many of the clinical signs of Schizophrenia. In Schizophrenia, a patient experiences hallucinations that are false perceptions. They are inaccuracies that affect the senses and cause people to hear, see, taste, touch or smell what others do not. In the acute phases of schizophrenia, patients are most likely to insist they are hearing voices that no one else can hear. Sometimes they hear noises, clicks or non-word sounds. On occasion, though more rarely, they are disturbed by seeing, smelling or feeling things that others do not.

Descriptions of these perceptions differ. Sometimes they are experienced as very forceful and important thoughts. Frequently, however, they seem to come from outside the self and are heard as conversations between other people, or commands, or compliments (or insults) addressed to the person. Sometimes the voices are reassuring, at other times they are menacing. Often enough, the remarks heard are not addressed to the person but seem to be concerned with them in an unclear (but perhaps derogatory) way. Individuals who experience this describe it “like a tape playing in my head.” It is so real to the person that it cannot be dismissed as imagination. And so the fine line is drawn between mental illness and possession.

The similarities between possession and Schizophrenia are by design not by coincidence. Satan’s greatest strength is the deception of his non-existence that he places within mankind. It is only through a keen balance of faith and knowledge of mental illness that the difference between Schizophrenia and a possession can be determined. If it is a true possession, then only faith will see you through.

For more information contact Dwayne Claud at 585-382-3644 or http://www.wnyparanormal.com


New York State’s First Ghost Hunter’s Conference

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) January 5, 2006

“With increased interest in the paranormal, we (Western New York Paranormal) felt that a conference in Rochester would be a great way to educate the public on the unexplained phenomenon of ghosts,” explains Dwayne Claud, director of Western New York Paranormal. The conference, known as The Supernatural Summit, is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday April 29th and 30th at the U.S. Army Reserve Center located at 2035 Goodman Street in Rochester, New York.

“The Supernatural Summit will be two days of workshops geared for both the beginners and advanced paranormal investigator,” stated Claud. He continues to state that the 2006 guest speaker will be Todd Bates of Haunted Voices.com. Todd is nationally known for his expertise in the field of E.V.P. or electronic voice phenomenon. These are basically the recording of “ghost voices” from disembodied voices via digital or analog recording devices. He has dedicated his investigative career to the research of this phenomenon and currently has some of the most impressive examples of E.V.P.’s found in the country.

“One of the primary focuses of this year’s conference will be electronic voice phenomenon with a series of workshops designed by Todd for the beginner to the advanced researcher. Plus we will also have a presenter from CSICOP, Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, for a skeptics view of the phenomenon,” said Claud.

The two day workshop will allow participants to select from over 30 different workshop sessions on subjects including ghost hunting for beginners, dowsing, photography and videography, and demonology among many others. “Speakers are joining us from around the country for this summit and it promises to be a very informative and fun event for all who attend,” claims Claud. The Supernatural Summit will also have a paranormal fair for participants to browse. The vendors will range from those presenting paranormal equipment to psychics.

The Supernatural Summit, is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday April 29th and 30th at the U.S. Army Reserve Center located at 2035 Goodman Street in Rochester, New York. For more information call 585-399-7765 or visit http://www.SUPERNATURALSUMMIT.com. Admission to the psychic/paranormal fair only is $ 5.00 per person with full conference admission $ 50.00 per person prior to March 1st. Full conference admission includes access to all workshops during the weekend and unlimited access to the fair.


Dwayne Claud

Western New York Paranormal


E-mail: wnyparanormal@aol.com



Capturing Ghost Voices

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (PRWEB) October 8, 2005

“Since the movie ‘White Noise’ and the show ‘Ghost Hunters,’ the amount of suspected EVP’s Western New York Paranormal receives for analysis from the general public has skyrocketed” express Sandra Heglund, a researcher for Western New York Paranormal of Rochester. “Unfortunately, people base how they do it on what they have seen on television and in the movies” said Heglund. There’s a better way to capture electronic voice phenomenon.

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena – it’s one of the most remarkable and exciting things that can captured during an investigation. “The only problem is that unless you’re using a professional grade audio recorder, you don’t here it when it happens. The EVP is discovered after you review your evidence” said Heglund. She explains that capturing “ghostly communication” doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby and is not difficult to do. It is time-consuming – and boring – until that unexpected voice or sound pops out at you.

According to Heglund, “First, new investigators will need a tape recorder.” It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive but she explains that according to her experience an analog recorder (one using magnetic tape) works best. “Everyone’s body is composed of energy. When a person passes, that energy has to go someplace because energy is neither created nor destroyed. It’s simple physics. We believe that electronic voice phenomenon is created when a spirit uses that energy and ‘physically imprints’ a message by rearranging the iron particles on the tape” explains Dwayne Claud, an EVP specialist for Western New York Paranormal of Rochester. “We’ve used digital recorders in the past, with limited success” said Heglund. It still seems you can get higher quality the good old fashion way with regular cassette tapes. Most recorders need to be listened to after the recording is made. The Marantz recorder can actually record and the operator can hear what is being answered at the same time. So you get to hear the answer in real time, allowing you to tailor questions instead of using stock ones. These recorders are top of the line, however, and very expensive.

Heglund explains that the second item an investigator will need is a good “omni-directional external microphone. The external microphone cuts down on the possibility of recording motor noises from the tape player. “By choosing one that’s omni-directional, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up sounds from all sides and not needing to worry about pointing it in any one direction” said Heglund. She jokes that “you never know when a spirit is standing behind you.”

She suggests that you prepare yourself with a list of questions before you begin recording. “As you ask them, it’s important to pause for about 20-30 seconds between each question, to give time for an answer.” You can stay in one place, or walk through an area – your choice. “We’ve also been known to set up a recorder in a room, invite spirits to use it to communicate, let it run while you go elsewhere” said Heglund. She elaborates that this technique is particularly useful when wanting to record something in your home while you sleep – like when there seems to be activity in the wee hours of the morning.

The most critical and exciting part is listing to the recording. “You need to listen carefully to everything” explains Heglund. The use of good quality headphones is essential in this process with a very quiet place. “I try to pick a time when I won’t be interrupted or distracted” she states. Listen closely, because what you get can come in any form – a whisper, normal tones, or a shout. Or it may be an unidentified sound, one that has no logical explanation. “I’ve recorded voices, animals, and even the sound of a shaman’s rattle, drum beat and cry” Heglund explains.

“You may also find EVP’s captured on a video camera” said Heglund. She suggests that when you watch your video of your own paranormal investigation to listen carefully to the audio along with it. “I once saw a video that had been set up in an attic in Gettysburg. On that tape was recorded an orb, flying across the attic, a voice saying “catch me,” then a second orb flying by. I’d like to think they were playing tag” said Heglund.

Bottom line, it doesn’t take expensive, state of the art equipment to capture that ghost voice. All it takes is a recorder, a microphone, headset, and patience. As you advance in your skills, there are also many software programs out that can help you enhance the sound of the EVP to make it sound cleaner. “There are some great articles on http://www.wnyparanormal.com about cleaning up EVP’s with software” said Heglund. Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying. Eventually, you’re going to be very surprised. “When you do succeed, send me a copy to hear at Western New York Paranormal” encourages Heglund.