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Watch with LIGHTS ON! Talking to the Dead with a Radio. FIND OUT HOW.

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This video showcases an old manual scan Grundig radio I have has for years. You can use ANY Manual Scan radio as a Ghost Box. Enjoy and remember that LOVE is the KEY.

A NEW $10 APP for Talking with the Dead. Giving it A TEST.

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Testing a new app fro Keith Weldon called Necrophonic. He is the creator of Spiritus, and this is his newest app. I am testing it all by itself, without my SoulSpeaker as I prep all day for my group night this evening. I do pull out the SoulSpeaker and SCD-2 for a question and get a great direct reply.

1AM Spirit Box Session while Blind. FEAR NO EVIL. EVER. Clear Communication from the Dead.

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Trying to raise my senses and connection by blocking my vision and hearing during a session.

Just as I think it is not doing much, I start to see a woman. The Wonder Box gives me her name. I get validation from the spirits here, and this is only part 1.

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A Gathering in Canada to Speak with the Dead. Wonder Box White.

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Debby and I traveled to Canada to meet up with some great online friends, some of whom I have been speaking with for 6+ years. One of them, Alixandra, set all of this up so we could meet, relax, have a great time and even do some sessions if we liked.

We did just that. These friends here are like family to me, thats how I see it and we also met up again with Josh and Nikki from HOPE Paranormal.

Josh uploaded his video from the trip to his channel, see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roQ_M2VUGec

A BREAKTHROUGH in HEARING and SEEING the Dead. Truly Incredible Afterlife Research.

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THIS IS 100% REAL Spirit Communication, and I have made yet another breakthrough. Nearly eight years of research and making devices now used all over the world for communication, my connection is stronger than ever.

This is a video of all spirit messages, replies and communication. You can see my 600 other videos here documenting this journey.

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