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My TIPS, TECHNIQUES and SECRETS for Talking with the Dead. How to get started.


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SCD-2: http://ghosthunterapps.com/

Spiritus Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tbd.ParadoxGhostBox&hl=en

Spiritus iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spiritus-ghost-box/id1119043157?mt=8

My tips on how anyone can achieve spirit communication like I do. I give you my tips, techniques, secrets and even talk about the realms and what we connect with. Not for everyone, so be sure you know what you are getting into if you do this, and yes, I go over all of that as well. I also do a short radio session here with some cool replies.

Love to all!

Huff Paranormal – “The Portal” Prototype – Direct Line to the Dead

This is a device I came up with for my ITC expiriments and after messing around with it I found that the results can be incredible. What this is doing is creating an open “direct line” to the dead.

I am not showing all of what is used just yet..but will when it is completed in its enclosure and finished. This is being made for me and I may make 1-2 more for close friends but that is it. The parts alone are now up to $1000 to make one..just my parts. Yes, really. I wanted a no compromise AMAZING sounding ITC device. I am sparing no expense as this will be my personal device, and the best part is that it will have 2-3 modes, including an SCD-1 mode for those who want to use it with the SCD-1 for amazing enhancements.

It’s powerful, huge sounding and allows us to hear not only the voices of the dead, but some of the noises in their world as well.

I am VERY early in my testing and tweaking and still have one more part to add. It will be sounding so much better in just a few days. When it is completed in its its display platform carrying case, jaws may just drop 😉 Stay tuned for more and visit my facebook :


Conversations with the Dead? The Vocibus Spirit App is AMAZING!

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My final look at the new Vocibus app from GhostHunterApps.com. Here you will see what I think of it, and see some of my favorite spirit interactions with it. This is yet another game changing app from Anthony Sanchez. NOTHING like this out there at all. AND NO, that old rehashed app that has been out for 3+ years is nothing like the Vocibus. That app uses WORDS from an AUDIO BOOK spliced up. This app uses phonetic sounds. NO WORDS and is much more effective, interactive and you can hear inflection and direct replies are insane. Nothing like this anywhere. Took Anthony six months to make this and it shows.

Sessions with the Dead. REAL Spirit Communication

More spirit work with the portal and Vocibus, SCD-1 and GB-RIFT. IMO, the best setup for ITC work (spirit communication).

If you want to see more you can view my hundreds of videos here, or subscribe for more as I upload 1-3 per week.

This is all 100% real, it is my passion and has been for years. I do not do this for money, I do it for the love of the spirit world.

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The Impossible Box allows you to Talk with the Dead. 100% Real & Serious.

Audible. yes, you can hear them. They can hear you, and they will let you know.

Turn it on, ask your questions. The spirits will reply once you establish a connection (which is not hard to do).

This is a real ITC Spirit Communication tool. It is not some phiny Phone App or a toy or gimmik or fake as you will not get replies if you treat it as a game or toy or are not serious.

For me, it is teh most incredible tool I have ever used for clear, direct spirit replies and there is NOTHING like this on the market as it even beats $2000 spirit boxes. For $49.

You can read more or instantly download it at http://www.ghosthunterapps.com